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Who loves cleaning? Not us, but we do love a clean house, and we usually find ourselves wishing that there was a faster way to make our sanctuaries sparkle. Here are some of the handiest tips and tricks that we’ve heard over the years.

Get rid of stains around your shower head by tying a small plastic bag filled with vinegar around it

Showering under a brown shower head is no fun. When you’re getting yourself clean in the shower, you want your shower head to be nice and shiny too. To get rid of brown or black marks on your shower head, fill a sandwich bag with white vinegar and use an elastic band to attach the vinegar-filled bag to your shower head. You may want to take the shower head off the shower hose first. Leave the vinegar-filled bag attached overnight or for as long as you can, making sure that the vinegar is covering the head. Remove the bag, rinse off the vinegar with hot water, and admire your sparkling shower head.

Pick up broken glass using bread

Nobody likes negotiating their way around broken glass and picking up transparent shards can be dangerous. To avoid any accidents and make the cleaning process more effective, put on some shoes and a pair of sturdy gloves before approaching the area. Take a thick slice of bread in your gloved hand. The sharp pieces of glass will poke into the bread and be easy to remove from the surface in question. Wrap the glass-filled bread in a black bag and place it in the garbage.

Fluff up your laundry with a tennis ball in a sock

Are you sick of the static in your laundry once the dryer has finished its cycle? Does your laundry look dull and untidy? There’s no need to buy anything special to solve this issue – simply put a tennis ball in a clean sock and throw it in the dryer with your wet laundry. Your laundry will come out super fluffy and wonderful to wear.

Get rid of bathtub stains with salt, and a grapefruit

When your bathtub is looking a little tired, try sprinkling salt all over it. Cut a grapefruit in half and (while wearing rubber gloves), rub the grapefruit over the salty bathtub. When you’ve covered the whole bathtub, rinse with warm water and dry using an absorbent cloth.  

Use Q-tips, baking soda and vinegar to clean up your window tracks

If you’re anything like us, you’ll find cleaning your windows fairly straightforward, but cleaning the tracks in between is far trickier. Sprinkle some baking soda onto the window tracks (just a small amount). Then, pour a few drops of vinegar along the tracks and begin to rub the baking soda and vinegar into the cracks using a Q-tip in a circular motion. When clean, discard all the dirty Q-tips and wrap a Kleenex around a clean Q-tip to dry the area.

Salt can work wonders to brighten up your old dirty-looking iron in an instant!

When your iron is looking past its best, you want to avoid getting dirt on your clean laundry. To clean your iron, make sure that the steam setting is off and that the iron is at maximum temperature. Place a protective layer of paper on your ironing board and cover it with salt. Run your iron over this salty surface, making sure that there is no liquid around, and this will give you a clean iron!

Use Coca-Cola to clean your toilet bowl

Just before you go out for the day, fill your toilet bowl with a full 2-litre bottle of Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Let the coke sit in your toilet bowl for a few hours (or overnight without being flushed). The phosphoric, carbonic, and citric acids will work on your grime during this time. When you’re home/awake, flush the toilet and watch the dirt melt away into your U-bend.

Avoid soap when cleaning your refrigerator – baking soda is the way to go

Many people clean their fridge shelves with dish soap. This can give the food in your fridge a soapy flavour and leave a soapy mark on the glass shelves. Instead, try using some baking soda (in equal parts with water). Cover your fridge/pre-removed fridge shelves with this solution and let it work on breaking down the dirt for a couple of hours. Then wipe the solution off and dry as normal.

Let some salt rest in your frying-pan before you wash it

Bored with scrubbing your post-egg frying pans and worried about scratching them? Fear not – salt will save you. Rather than scrubbing too vigorously, simply fill your frying pans with salt and let them sit before washing them. There’ll be much less need to scrub.

Use left-over tissue paper from gifts to clean your windows and mirrors

Do you ever find that your glass gets all smeared when you spray them with window spray and then wipe with a cloth? Sometimes even microfiber cloths leave a smear. Try using leftover tissue paper from gifts you have received to clean windows and mirrors. We find that it leaves less of a smear and more of a shine, something that every mirror needs to make you feel fabulous.

We hope these tips give you some shortcuts in the home.

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