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The market is saturated with real estate companies advertising in papers, magazines, and on billboards. You need to think outside the box to get your company noticed. We have put together a list of innovative approaches to getting your brand noticed in a clustered environment.

Make a video

Actress Melanie Griffith, the Golden Globe winner used a selfie-promo video to sell her house in Aspen. The home, which is on the market for $8.9 million, is a super luxury villa in a prized location. But to ensure she sells it for the highest amount, she has made a video to go with the listing. So far, more than 100,000 people have viewed the one minute-professionally shot video. The old adage that you should depersonalize your house before listing it, may be on the way out.

Highlight a key feature

The heart plays as big a role, as does the head, for buyers of real estate. Identify what the key feature is and focus on what your target audience is most likely to appreciate. For instance, if you are targeting a young family and you happen to have an open plan kitchen-living room, you could talk about being able to prepare food with your newborn closeby, sleeping in the room next door.

Collaborate with a charity

Forge a partnership with a local charity or non-government organization and donate a certain amount after closing deals. This can be the difference between a client using your services over a competitor.

Personalize the home

There is one school of thought that insists, a seller should remove any trace of the individual from the house so a person can only imagine themselves living there. The opposing thought is that you add something unique like fridge magnets with your logo on it or photos with the brand name. If a person has viewed many houses, something quirky and unique might be enough for them to come back to your house.

Host an information evening

Rent a hotel suite and put on an information evening. There are some detailed resources online but people get online fatigue and would love to speak to someone in person. You can inform them about every step in the buying process. It might be possible to get it partially funded by furniture providers or loan financiers in the area.

Advertise near airports

First impression count and a glitzy ad in the airport or train station might be enough to grab someone’s attention. A new arrival to the city will be more open to taking a chance on a new agent. It could also be an idea to speak with local taxi men to mention your business for a commission.

Pick out the bad things

This is a good way to speak passively to potential movers. Talk about what annoys people in houses. For example, mention city center congestion when trying to advertise the suburbs or the lack of entertainment when selling city center locations. People are often more moved by what they don’t like in their current living situation.

Use offline methods

Linking up with management teams in powerful societies might be an angle to get your name out there. Alternatively, you could meet with administrative departments of schools and local public facilities to see if you could leave your business cards there.

Partner with hotels

Tourists who come to the city are either just visiting or looking to settle. Those looking to settle represent an opportunity. This would mostly suit real estate agents that have properties to rent. The hotel can place fliers at prominent places and you could return the favor in your estate agency office by leaving the hotel’s fliers there.

Advertise online

The real estate market has rapidly expanded online. It is now a global marketplace, with people able to showcase their houses to the world. An ad on a website like Bproperty can catch the eye of hundreds of visitors. Think about other related websites that you could also advertise on like furniture companies and architects.

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