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If you’re throwing a party for Eid, we can help you with some tips for decorations. Think bright colors and plenty of sparkle…

Light up the room

Fairy lights help create the perfect atmosphere for Eid. While multi-colored fairy lights may be tempting, the neutral kind give off a much more inviting glow, so it’s best to avoid the brightly-colored ones. You can create a den in certain rooms using white sheer fabric. Place fairy lights over the fabric to create a magical space to sit and enjoy Eid snacks and the company of your loved ones. If you want some peace and quiet for a while you could place a dead end in the den; this could also function as an intelligence test for your child.


Candles placed in safe and carefully-considered positions throughout your living room will give off a beautiful flicker. Scented candles are particularly pleasant, and the beautiful aroma of a scented candle is sure to delight every guest who walks into your home to enjoy togetherness.

Lanterns lanterns all around

Both homemade lanterns and lanterns purchased from a shop are a wonderful addition to any Eid gathering. You can make them in bright, cheerful colors and distribute them around the space where friends and family will congregate.

Bring out the bright colors

Dress your home in a bright color scheme; reds, oranges, pinks and purples are perfect for Eid. Consider changing your curtains to spruce up a room, making it look cheerful.

Investing in some colorful rugs is also a good idea, especially if you will be welcoming many guests into your home.

Hang paper decorations

Children love helping with Eid decorations. Show them how to make crescent moons and stars out of gold and silver paper for that extra special dazzling treat for the eyes! You can hang your homemade decorations using transparent plastic nylon thread. This should even hold heavier paper decorations.

Plan your table decorations

There are an infinite number of ways to fold a napkin. Consider choosing gold, silver, or brightly colored napkins, either to match your paper decorations or your color scheme. Try folding them into fans, bows or learning even more special folding techniques. Think about putting some special shiny Eid confetti on the table.

Put up lots of banners

Banners are a perfect way to wish all your guests “Eid Mubarak” from the very beginning. If you have a mantelpiece, pin your banner to it. Otherwise, you can display it in another prominent place in your home.

Decorate with food

No, don’t throw it on the wall, we mean baking and decorating some beautiful fairy cakes, covering them with edible glitter and other decorations. You can place them on tiered cake stands and put them on display.

A wonderful spread is always very impressive, plus you’ll be very popular for not only providing visual delights, but edible delights too!

Fresh flowers

Eid is all about renewal, and so fresh flowers seem like a perfect choice. Choose flowers that complement your color scheme, with some white flowers placed in between. Read about how to arrange your flowers beautifully and begin practicing as soon as you can, or ask a skilled florist to help you make a bouquet to form your table’s centerpiece, for example.


The more glitter the better. Make your Eid party shine with all the sparkles you can, and you will sparkle as well.

Eid Mubarak!

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