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Life is to celebrate it, and when it comes to the little ones, there is a great illusion for birthday parties. While some parents prefer the speed and simplicity of the celebration in a fast food restaurant, others choose the garden or the room of the house to hold the celebration.
There is no doubt that the arrival of a birthday in a home can be pretty eventful and often times you have no idea how or where to start. To avoid headaches, Lamudi brings you 10 tips to successfully decorate a child’s party.

  1. Start by choosing a theme. This should revolve around the favorite character of the birthday boy/girl. With superheroes, cartoons or the princesses of the moment, no one loses.
  2. Take into account the number of guests. In this way, you can prepare not only the buffet of the party, but also the amount of surprises that must be delivered at the end of the celebration.
  3. Because you will need at least a dozen saucers, glasses, cutlery and other implements, it is best to go to a place where you will be able to buy the products at a wholesale price; doing so might show you a significant drop in the budget that you previously had for the party.
  4. Always get a large table for cake, sweets and other supplies. For the special occasion, go for vibrant, colorful tablecloths to make an impression.
  5. Look for transparent containers for sweets, in this way they will attract the attention of the little ones. Remember that there must be sweets, but not excess.
  6. Line a large box with decorative paper which will be useful for receiving gifts. Put it in a visible place but one that does not hinder the passage of people or children when they want to dance or play.
  7. Writing the name of the celebrant is a must for the decoration which can be elaborated in materials such as printed canvas, fabrics or even writing on a blackboard. Everything depends on the creativity and the theme of the party.
  8. There is no party without balloons, and it is definitely something that catches the attention of all children. If the party is in a garden, you can have balloons floating around but if it is indoors, it is best to have it in extremes or behind the main table. The entrance is also a good spot for decorating with balloons.
  9. Because of its high content of sugar other ingredients, soft drinks should not be given to children. Instead, serve them fruity drinks or colored lemonade. Put them in transparent containers and you will notice a different style on the table.
  10. As long as decoration is concerned, cupcakes are cute and they have the advantage by being colorful which is a bonus if you want to make the table the focal point. The faces of characters, letters, flowers or whatever you have in mind can be part of the topping.

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