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“বিশ্বজোড়া পাঠশালা মোর, সবার আমি ছাত্র
নানানভাবে নতুন জিনিস, শিখছি দিবারাত্র”

“The world is a school and everyone my teacher; I learn new things in new ways all the time” – it’s as if students were inspired by this mantra of the poet and wandered to various parts of the world. More and more of today’s young generation are traveling to every corner of the globe in search of knowledge. Bangladeshi students aren’t too far off the trend either. You’ll find them in many countries, living and studying. For some particular reason though, Bangladeshi students prefers countries like Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Australia, the US, and Canada to study abroad. However, the world is much bigger than that. Higher studies and earning a degree isn’t the only goal of going abroad. Learning about the country & its culture, enjoying nature, getting to know people; these are also important when living abroad. That is why the following places can be great destinations.


Austran library
Austria has many great opportunities

Germany is one of the most popular destinations to study for not just Bangladeshi students, but for students all over the world. Students have to squeeze out all their pennies to create a ‘Blocked Account’ in order to study in Germany. Yes, it’s true that Germany is an amazing place for higher studies, but our students often forget about an equally great country located next door, Austria. A country that birthed people like Gregor Mendel, the father of Genetics, Christian Doppler of the Doppler Effect, Physicist Erwin Schrodinger, and the revolutionary psychologist Sigmund Freud. Even though the country has tremendous educational infrastructure, not many Bangladeshi students are currently studying there. This is surprising, especially since there’s no tuition fee in Austria, similar to Germany, and there are lots of opportunities for scholarships too. It’s a great country to study abroad.

New Zealand

New Zealand landscape
Aside from education, New Zealand can be a great place to soak in natural beauty

New Zealand is a ‘Picturesque’ country. Mother Nature has poured all her beauty into the country and carefully arranged every feature to maximize aesthetics. You won’t find anyone who visited the country and wasn’t mesmerized by it. And as far as the people of New Zealand go, the recent Christchurch tragedy has shown us their compassion, understanding, and fortitude. So if you want to see a country that is picture-perfect and be among some really good and kind-hearted people, then the home of the Maori can be a great country to study abroad. While studying at the top-ranked universities in New Zealand can be costly, there are many opportunities to earn a scholarship. Keep in mind, having good test scores in English language tests are a must.


Map and book
Thousands of years of history fuels China’s advance

Among all the sayings of Muhammad (PBUH), “To gain knowledge, travel to China if needed” is particularly popular in our country. Even during his time, the 5000-year-old civilization of China was famed for its abundance of astonishing items. And today it is one of the major players in the world’s economy. All these and many other reasons make China a great destination for higher studies. Knowing Mandarin, the official language of China, is also very important for doing business. You can even earn a lot as a professional interpreter if you are fluent in Mandarin and English.

The Chinese government has recently begun investing big in the educational sector. 4% of China’s GDP in 2012 was spent towards the growth of the educational sector. As a result, there are currently around 3 thousand colleges and universities in the country. And similar to the ‘Ivy League’ colleges of the US, China is trying to establish their own ‘C9 League’. The plan is to rapidly increase China’s science & technology capabilities. That is why they are inviting talented individuals from all over the world and offering many scholarship opportunities. Even though not a lot of students from Bangladesh are currently studying in China, they should take the language barrier as an overcomeable challenge and move forward.


Man writin on a page
The country is located between two continents

Turkey is one of the most ancient regions of the world with evidence of human civilization dating back to around 10 thousand BCE. This cross-continental country is also quite advanced in science & technology. But you won’t find many Bangladeshi students who plan to go to Turkey to study even though the country is gaining a lot of popularity worldwide. According to one study, more than 600 thousand international students are currently enrolled in universities across Turkey.  A major reason for this increased popularity is the country’s more affordable living cost in comparison to other European countries. There are also scholarships and monthly stipends to help students out too. The cost of living in Turkey is so affordable that you can cover house rent, food cost, insurance, and daily expenditure with just the scholarship amount. Quality education and affordable living costs make Turkey a great country to study abroad.


Malaysian people
This can a great place for higher studies

Until very recently, the now much advanced, in terms of science & technology, Malaysia was a country just like ours. Many foreign students are going to Malaysia to study nowadays. And along with good education, Malaysia has the lowest living costs of any country. An individual’s living cost for an entire year in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is about 14 and a half thousand Malaysian Ringgit, which is about 300 thousand BDT only! The tuition fee here is also very low. Then there’s the fact that many renowned international universities have a branch in the country. As a result, you can earn a degree from a university of the highest caliber without having to live in a costly country like the UK. That is why Malaysia can be the perfect country to study abroad for Bangladeshi students.

These are our 5 choices for quality higher education abroad that is also affordable. Bangladeshi students have a great opportunity to relocate to any of these places and be on their way to a successful future.

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