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From old bathtubs to toilet paper rolls, upcycled used things that you are about to throw away may freshen up your home. We examine how unwanted furniture and unused things can serve as new home design items.

Here is the list of 10 items that can help you turn your home design into one of a kind!

1. Old bathtub

If your living room needs a funky extraordinary sofa, use your old bathtub. This home design piece has one side cut open and is custom finished with brightly colored paint. An old bathtub might be also useful in the garden, make sure to color it using waterproof paint.

2. Used light bulbs

A lamp made out of used light bulbs looks fancy and exceptional. You can easily replace light bulbs with empty glass bottles.

3. Old skateboards

Get your skates on and use your skateboards to build a chair before they get thrown out!

4. Shopping cart

If the skateboards chair looks not comfortable enough for you, consider making one out of an old shopping cart. It is a perfect home design item that is both stunning and fun!

5. Plastic bags

Get those drawers full of plastic bags empty and make a stylish shopping bag out of plastic. This fashionable piece promotes sustainability every time you go shopping.

6. Old clothes

Think of all those old and holey socks that you have thrown away – this piece of design will make you want to upcycle them.

7. Records

If you haven’t listened to your old records for more than five years, you will probably not do so in the coming years. Why not turn an old record into a stylish home design item?

8. Toilet paper rolls

According to research, Americans use 433 million miles of toilet paper each year. Turning a toilet paper roll into a useful home design item is definitely worth it!

9. CD cases

You surely do not need to worry about having your lunch box mixed up with other ones at the office if yours is made out of a CD case.

10. Darts

For all those former darts fans, this hanger can be a perfect example of how to upcycle beloved game items.

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