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Right, the pressure is on. The day when the corporate world wields significant power over the consumer. They know if you fail to subscribe to this day of celebration you will be shunned by the romantic world and maybe, more importantly, your loved one. So, on that note here are 10 ideas to inspire you. Time is running out.

Personalized puzzle

This gift will keep you and your lover occupied for hours. Just provide the address where you met and order online. You will receive a one-of-a-kind ‘We First Met’ puzzle in the post, the puzzle pieces even spell out I love You.

Dazzling bouquet with secret meaning

Flowers are the classic gift and have been gifted to lovers since Victorian times. The language of flowers was used to send secret messages in clandestine times. A bouquet of stargazer lilies and hot pink roses wrapped in a purple ribbon will certainly send a message to your lover.

Romantic getaway for two

Tick off another city you haven’t been too and earn major brownie points with a city break. Go all out with a break to Hawaii or wine tasting in Napa, or see the bright city light of New York or Paris.

Have fun coloring in

The Adult Coloring Book: St Valentine’s Patterns by Hobby Habitat is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to be creative. It a chance to spend some quality time together, in a nostalgic youthful way. Required: colored pencils and a glass of vino.

Candles and reeds

Fill the house with wonderful Yasmin, Lavender, and organic smells. Smells can be very sensual, so this could be the perfect gift for the olfactory aficionado.

Chocolates for connoisseurs

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without some chocolate, but this gift by zChocolat’s Mahogany Collection takes it one step further and comes in a handcrafted box from the Jura region of France, made by master woodworkers. It’s almost more about the box than the chocolates–Naah!

Classy drink cabinet

A home bar in an Italian style globe shape from Design Toscano will surely take your future imbibing to the next level. Adorned in replica 16th Century nautical maps from the National Museum of Science in Florence. It has both hardwood legs and significant space for bottles and glassware.

Breakfast in bed

Making a meal for yourself and your lover is the perfect way to show you care. Why not go one step further and buy a heart-shaped waffle maker. Chocolate dripped over the waffles is a compulsory addition. Maybe add fruit to pretend you are healthy.

Sensual gifts

Think candlelit bath, with aroma oils. Natural products with no impurities are the way to go here. Bath bombs and bath teas can be nice gifts, even lotions for men and women, and a delight to the senses.


Saving the best for last with the sensual gifts from the grapes. This will surely get you in the mood. Italy, France, and Argentina claim to have some of the best wines.

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