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To ring in the new year, people tend to adhere to age-old traditions and rituals passed down from father to child over centuries. From pouring molten lead into bowls to visiting graveyards, Bproperty exhibits some of the weird and wacky ways to welcome the new year.

Wear polka dots or eat round fruit- the Philippines

At a typical New Year’s party in the Philippines, the host is sure to have at least one bowl of round fruits like mangoes, avocados, or lanzones. The women are known to wear dresses with polka dots or circular patterns. It is also recommended that you have coins in your pocket when the clock strike midnight or face a year of bad luck. Juggling three oranges with your pockets full of silver will ensure your ship will come in.

Pour lead to reveal the future- Germany

In Deutschland, it is common for German people to pour molten lead into a bowl filled with water. Then like they do in Turkey with tea leaves a person with the necessary skills will interpret the shapes that transpire—like a Rorschach test with lead. If he starts telling you that you will give all your money to a fortune teller—run away.

Wear colorful underwear- Mexico

Looking to find the love of your life next year? If you live in Mexico you should grab a pair of red underwear; locals say this is the best way to boost your love life in 2017. Those already hitched should try yellow instead for lashings of general luck in the following year.

Burning pictures- Ecuador

In this small South American country, they use the last evening of the year to burn pictures from the past year. Photos of painful incidents or infamous events are burned in order to move on. Warning: burning a picture of a loved one is not an effective way to break up with somebody unless you invite them to the ritual.

A spooky graveyard visit- Chile

Locals in the city of Talca spend their New Year’s Eve in a somewhat macabre manner by visiting the cemetery. Surprisingly, after 11 pm graveyards are full of people celebrating with the deceased. It is reported that on some cases the dead spring out of their graves for one last boogie—but these reports have not been confirmed.

Community service- Turkey

While the rest of Europe is drinking and feasting, Turkish people organize fundraisers and partake in community service events. They maintain that giving back to the community is the best way to make sure that they will have a happy year. This particular ritual puts us all to shame, damn you Turkey.

Right foot forward- Argentina

You put your right foot in you take your right foot out—do the hokey pokey. For a prosperous life in Australia, be prepared to lift your toe right on midnight. The full hokey pokey is not required but always appreciated.

Pot drumming- Australia

Empty vessels make the most noise they say and if you bang them with a spoon as they do in Australia on New Year’s you can imagine the sound explosion. Famed for their boisterous celebrations, Australians make as much noise as possible holding a pot and a utensil, having any rhythm is a bonus.

Jump seven waves- Brazil

Wouldn’t it be nice to be somewhere warm by the sea for the new year? In Brazil, when midnight arrives you should jump seven waves for good luck. This being the only reason Brazilians spend NYE on sandy beaches drinking cocktails—no other reason, none at all.

Year of travel- Colombia

Get your suitcase and start walking around the block if you desire a year full of adventure and travel.

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