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When it comes to buying an apartment for the first time, people need to consider many factors simultaneously in order to be able to make the right decision on their property purchase, and in all likelihood needing to compromise on an aspect of the property – the parking space, finances or the living space itself. We are continually evaluating our requirements and choices over and over again. exists to removing some of the hassle and confusion out of the buying process by being that critical advisor who helps to make sense of the key decisions. Bproperty believes that there are key factors when buying a property that needs to be considered to strengthen the decision that you are about to make. Hence we have prepared a list of essential tips for you.

Legality of The Property

Analyzing Information
Ensuring Legality is a MUST!

It will not matter how lavish the apartment is or how satisfied you are buying this apartment; if you buy from the wrong seller, the property purchase has gone wrong even before you decide to move in. In Bangladesh, such occurrences are quite frequent as there are many frauds in property business. Therefore, among several tips, firstly we suggest, it is better to check and cross-check the credibility of the seller first. Bproperty provides an advised legal process as part of its standard practice, checking all official documents with the relevant authorities such as RAJUK and Land and Record Survey Department, including checking that the current owner and therefore, the seller can not have any legal objections against them.

Neighborhood Features

Night view of a road
Checking the neighborhood features is something you shouldn’t miss

Once you find the property suitable, our second tip would be to check the other facilities associated with it. For example, you would want to check how wide the road should be and how wide it is as per current condition to avoid unwanted future scenarios. Like this, check around the block, how the neighborhood is, whether the roads get flooded or not, etc.

check property Features

Beautiful Interior Design
Be more picky when it comes to Property Features

Once you are done with external issues, check the things from inside. Check the walls and look for any damps, cracks, powerlines, etc. Secondly, for used apartments, there is a fair chance that other highrise buildings would surround you. Therefore, check the ventilation and sunlight in your rooms. Bproperty advises that to any purchaser to make a list of all the things you would modify in the home before you move in so that you are not caught out with any unexpected costs, you can estimate the modification costs make a more informed decision on the price you are willing to purchase the property for.

Consider Resale / Rental Value

Signboard for "For Sale"
Resale is very evident for every property investor

In Future, you might need to resell or rent the property. In that case, consider these figures as well. Pick a location within your budget that holds a right balance between this resale value and the price initially agreed for purchase.

Price factor

Neat Dining Space
Think before you pay!

The last thing you would want to ensure that you are paying the right price for the property. Since this is your first time, it can be a bit tricky when you try to evaluate the property. Hence, you can try talking with your would be neighbors or take help from experts. Interestingly, here at, we have the best property experts in the country ready to help with your every need. Therefore, try searching for your suitable apartments at our website and leave the rest to us. We will deal with all these issues here and ensure you get the best deal according to your budget.

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