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“ ফাল্গুনে বিকশিত কাঞ্চন ফুল ,

ডালে ডালে পুঞ্জিত আম্রমুকুল ।

চঞ্চল মৌমাছি গুঞ্জরি গায় ,

বেণুবনে মর্মরে দক্ষিণবায় ”

   -রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর

Kabiguru made sure to include the message of spring’s arrival in his poetry. There are endless poems about spring and spring is all about flowers. As the cold winter leaves, spring comes bearing colorful flowers. It knocks on the door and all of a sudden, the unbearable cold starts going away and Spring replaces by using various kinds of flower everywhere. Flowers make a big impact on our lives. Our country is full of traditions and we always have cultural events coming up where we need flowers. From wedding ceremonies to gift cards or at the back of the head on a bun, we use spring flowers almost always in these kinds of scenarios.

Flowers play a special role in our everyday lives. Be it for a romantic interest or to cheer someone up, we tend to rely on flowers to do the job. At the event of a joyous occasion, flowers make everything even better. More or less, most of us know about the kinds of flowers that grow in our country. That being said, how many of us know which flowers bloom in spring? Therefore, below is a list of popular spring flowers that are famous as spring ornaments and decor.


বেলি ফুল
Beli is undoubtedly one of the most popular spring flowers

What we know as Beli is called Arabian Jasmine in English. It’s easy to get lost in its beauty and exceptional fragrance. At night, a bunch of three to twelve flowers blooms at the same time. However, the coming morning, the fragrance of the flower spreads all over the place – and that’s not the only thing they do! Many companies cultivate Beli flowers for making perfumes and tea. Other than that, people use Beli flowers for Holud ceremonies and for ages, they have been using them on various occasions as hair accessories.


শিউলি ফুল
Sheuli flower’s another name is Coral Jasmine

This flower is popularly known as Night Jasmine. However, some people also refer to it as Coral Jasmine. However, the name Sheuli is very close to our hearts. Its white petals on an orange bud appear to be like a heavenly view. However, they possess a weirdly fascinating trait. In the middle of the night, each flower will bloom fully but as the dawn shows up, the branches start to shed off the flowers. It is hard to realize just how beautiful nature can be without seeing a bed of Sheuli laid down on a road. At the same time, these flowers are major ingredients for Ayurvedic treatment. Hence, popular spring flowers do not only look pretty; they are actually pretty useful as well.

Kathalchapa or Kathgolap

Kathgolap is popular for home decorative purposes

These popular spring flowers bloom in a bunch of four or five. With its gentle beauty and soft fragrance, it can grab anyone’s attention from afar. This flower consists of five petals which by the way, makes for an amazing ornament and looks absolutely stunning on a Bengali woman. Moreover, you can see it in various households for decorative purposes.


বসন্তে ফোটে যে ফুলগুলো - লাল কৃষ্ণচূড়া
You can easily spot Krishnochura on the Dhaka streets

While Gulmohar might sound like a royal name, in Bengali Krishnochura doesn’t sound any less. The Krishnochura tree looks as big as a mountain and at the top of it, you can see the flowers in a shade of fiery Red which is actually one of the nicest views you can witness in spring.


শিমুল ফুল
Look at the glossy shade on this flower!

Shimul tree spreads the vibe of spring in the forest like no other flower can. In Polashranga, this flower blossoms like the sun. When this leave-less tree blossoms, it looks as if almost like a burning sun. The Shimul keeps forests beautifully decorated.

These aren’t the only flowers that dominate the season of spring. White and Red Korobi, Kanchanjoba, Kanakchapa, Debkanchan, Yellow Polash, Parijaat, etc are also among some of the well-known flowers. Flowers that bloom in spring only beautify the season even more. If you’re ever feeling a little under the weather, remind yourself to get a few of these flowers.


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