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We all try our best to make sure that our homes, and the individuals living in it, are safe and secure. As such, apartment safety is always a concern no matter where you live. We regularly invest in security measures to get the best protection available. Luckily, the latest advancements in the field of home security have made protecting your home much easier. Thanks to smart home security gadgets, we can ensure the safety of our home no matter where we are. So let’s take a look at some of the latest smart home security devices that you can use to improve home security systems and keep homes safe.

Smart Home Cameras

Cameras are one of the most common home security gadgets around
Smart cameras allow us to see what’s going on in our home anytime

Very few people use cameras to monitor the interior of their apartment and settle for just one or two on the exterior of the building itself. While that is a perfectly fine security measure, there may still be blind-spots outside that are difficult to monitor. Even if you live in one of the top residential areas of Dhaka, you can always upgrade your security and place some smart cameras inside the apartment. These cameras will monitor the area in HD quality and allow you to access them from afar. You can view the live feed using your phone or computer from anywhere and anytime. These cameras will also upload the feed to cloud storage as they record. And since the video is stored on the cloud, the risk of deliberate damage by unwanted parties is eliminated. All these make smart cameras a mainstay in any list of smart home gadgets.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors add a new layer to home security systems
Motion detectors add a new layer to home security systems

The concept of motion detection as a way to keep homes safe is something that many dreamed of. It was viewed as, and still is, ‘cutting-edge’ technology. Fortunately, this technology can now be incorporated into your apartment to improve home security systems relatively cheaply. Furthermore, people today also have a number of options when it comes to choosing motion detection devices. Installing them fairly easy too. You just attach the sensors of these devices to your doors and windows to set up a perimeter. Once placed, they will detect and send alarms to you when an intrusion is suspected. Along with motion detection, some devices also come with temperature monitoring and proximity detection functions; further securing your home.

Advanced Smoke alarms

The use of smart smoke alarms to keep homes safe is increasing
The use of smart smoke alarms to keep homes safe is increasing

Everyone is more or less familiar with smoke detectors as fire alarms. Traditionally, smoke detectors sound off loud alarms when there is smoke in the area. Advanced smoke alarms, like other smart home security gadgets, are connected to your Wi-Fi and will instantly notify you when something is amiss. Therefore, you can take necessary action when an issue arises. Additionally, they also have the ability to pinpoint the location of the fire; saving precious time. Advanced smoke alarms can also detect a rise in carbon monoxide and notify you about the hazard. For any safety-conscious person, installing smoke alarms in home security systems is a must.

Video Doorbells

The video doorbell provides a better view of the people at the door
The video doorbell provides a better view of the people at the door

Doorbells are age-old mechanisms that let those inside the home know someone is at the door. It has been through many iterations over the last 180+ years and has evolved into a version that is perfect for the digital age we live in. Video doorbells add the ability to see who’s at the door and talk to them through the device. This is possible through the built-in camera and the two-way audio systems in the doorbells. Moreover, the wide-angle camera provides a better view than a peephole on the door. Since these devices are connected to the cloud through Wi-Fi, you can check and keep records of who’s been knocking at your door when you aren’t around. As far as home security gadgets go, the Skybell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell was one of the trending smart gadgets of 2018.

Intelligent Locks

Intelligent locks are one of the newer home security gadgets
Smart locks are great for both convenience and security

Just imagine never having to worry about stumbling for the keys to your apartment or losing your keys altogether. Or imagine the door unlocking itself as you approach the door. This level of utmost convenience can be yours too if you get yourself an intelligent lock. The benefits offered by intelligent locks are far greater than traditional locks. While traditional locks offer only security, smart locks offer tremendous convenience along with commendable security. You can communicate from anywhere with the lock via smartphones to unlock the door to your home. Some intelligent locks also have sensors in them that can detect your phone’s presence nearby and unlocks the door. While you might think that is a security risk, but in fact, the sensors are sophisticated enough to differentiate authorized phones from others.

The measures we take to improve home security are the ones we take to ensure peace of mind. Smart home security gadgets have allowed us to attain better security along with greater connectivity to home security systems themselves. So after you buy an apartment, it’s time to upgrade your home and upgrade your security.

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