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Real estate in Bangladesh is a thriving industry with unlimited potential for growth. But before Bproperty’s entry into the real estate market in this country, real estate transactions were done in the old fashioned way – through mostly unreliable local brokers who offer no real benefits other than helping transact between two parties. This is where Bproperty has brought in massive changes. We have revolutionized how real estate works in Bangladesh, using PropTech services as well as dedicated legal and financial teams to provide the best real estate services to our clients. Today, we will be highlighting five Bproperty services that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in this country.

Bproperty Services

Bproperty offers a plethora of services to its clients. This includes assistance with property buying and selling, rental services, legal services, financial consultation, and much more. We’ll be taking an in-depth look at five Bproperty services that set it apart from the others.

One-Stop Solution

Bproperty Banani Marketplace
Banani Marketplace

Let’s take a look at your average buyer looking to buy property in Dhaka. First, he would have to look for an apartment for sale. This was mostly done via local brokers who aren’t known for being honest or reliable. After that, you would have to check if the property is legitimate. For this, you would have had to consult with lawyers, and that would set you back a lot of money. Then comes financing for the property. Here, you would have to deal with numerous banks and get approval for loans. After all that you will finally be the owner of your own property. Sounds like a hassle, right?

At Bproperty, you will be getting the solutions to all the aforementioned problems under one roof. Looking for property? Head right into our website and you will find thousands of listings. Require legal support when buying or selling property? We have a dedicated legal team for that. Need help with financing? Our financial consultants can set you up with numerous financing options from partner banks. Bproperty is Bangladesh’s only comprehensive real estate solutions provider. Instead of running around here and there for solutions to your real estate problems, you can sit back, relax, and let us handle it!

Property Verification and Legal Support

Law Books
Bproperty provides legal support

When buying property, one of the biggest headaches is the verification of the documents of ownership. Since our country has gone through many changes, starting from the British era till now, it is quite difficult to keep track of ownership of property. This can lead to lackings when it comes to property ownership documents. For this, legal help is required. Thankfully, here at Bproperty, we have our own dedicated team of legal experts that are ready to assist our clients with any and all legal support. This includes the verification of property and assistance in case there are any discrepancies in the document. Overall, Legal support is one of the Bproperty services that set it apart from most other companies operating in the industry.

Property Marketing Platform

Bproperty Office
Our property experts working at the office

Those looking to sell properties via Bproperty can benefit from our huge resources when it comes to the marketing and selling of these properties. First of all, when you list your property on our website, it will be available in the listings for all to see. Our website is very fast and intuitive. Other marketing efforts are also taken to highlight properties, such as a live video tour of the apartment on Facebook. We also have a large sales team dedicated to selling and renting properties and ensuring the best possible deal for all parties involved. They will keep buyers informed of their progress all the time, and also save them the time and effort required to meet and negotiate with sellers. All in all, Bproperty’s huge marketing and sales resources give sellers access to exclusive Bproperty services that others just can’t compete with.

Numerous Options For Buying And Renting

Bproperty Website Listing
The Bproperty website has thousands of apartments listed for sale and rent

Bproperty’s website is a treat for those looking for their dream home, be it for buying or renting, as the site offers hundreds of options, as well as filters for narrowing down your search. From thousands of listings, you can narrow it down to your specifications, and then browse through the properties to find the right one for you. Once you find your dream listing, you can contact our sales agents. They will then take you on tours of the properties and negotiate prices on your behalf, ensuring the best deal for you. If you’re in need of financing options when purchasing property, our financial consultants can also pair you up with partner banks and provide you with a home loan to buy your desired property. The numerous Bproperty services that are available to assist the buyer are second to none in the industry.

Access on Demand

Bproperty Website
The Bproperty Website

Whenever you’re in need of real estate services, be it at your home, on the road, or at the office, Bproperty offers various online services that will allow you to view, purchase, and rent properties. This includes the Bproperty website, which is very fast and responsive, as well as the numerous other services that assist in viewing properties remotely. The most unique of these online Bproperty services is the virtual tours of properties, where you can view properties in their entirety via a video. From there, you can contact our property experts if you are interested in the property that you viewed. And all this from your home!

Mentioned above were five different Bproperty services that set it apart from other companies operating in the real estate market in Bangladesh. Bproperty’s inclusion into the Bangladesh real estate market has resulted in massive revolutionary changes in how the industry works. And as time progresses, Bproperty will be bringing in further changes to the industry. To keep up with what Bproperty is up to, check out the Bproperty After Hours section in our blog. Also, keep an eye on our Facebook page.

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