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Over the years, we human beings undergo a number of changes in our physical appearances. The same happens with the objects we use in our daily lives. The damages that are visible depend on the material with which these objects are made. Additionally, the actions of the environment such as rain, air or sun damage exposed furniture or objects we often display to beautify our homes.

One common consequence is oxidation, giving the reddish brown layer to metals that are exposed to moisture. This layer gives a worn out look to our everyday objects, something that we all want to avoid. Here are some practical tips to help you in dealing with corrosion:

  1. In order to prevent the occurrence of this damage, you can apply a coat of antirust and enamel. This not only extends the life of your outdoor furniture, but also gives them a polished look. Depending on the degree of damage, dealing with corrosion requires the use of metal brushes, sandpapers or polishers accordingly. Pay attention to the indications of the product you use as you may need to wear protective glasses and gloves.
  2. Depending on the level of damage, you can try out several homemade recipes. Not only does this give you a fun DIY experience, but it also solves your problems. If the rust stains are not very deep, you can squeeze a lemon with baking soda on them. Leave it for an hour and then rinse it with water, to remove the stains and give the shine to your metallic materials. Another way to solve this problem is to apply vinegar with a cloth and rub the affected parts.
  3. While dealing with corrosion, it is essential to understand that the nature of metals is different. The ideal example is the difference between copper and iron. In case of copper, you must avoid polishing with steel wool or scourers. However, the citrus solutions work well. On the other hand, iron should be treated more aggressively and cleaned with acetone and brush.
  4. In the case of silver, you can try out the following steps:  First, use baking soda or prepare salt water in a container and cover it with aluminum foil, then immerse the objects there for a while. And voila! Your steel objects be seen gleaming once this is done. Brass and any fabric that has been stained with rust can be cleaned with the help of salt and lemon. However, a little wash is required afterwards if the latter is used.
  5. The tools for gardening and crafts are very prone to this problem. Thus, you should pay special attention to make sure they are nicely stored in good condition to prevent corrosion. A helpful tip is to use leather covers for the tools or line them with anti-corrosion papers. Lubricants that inhibit the effects of oxygen in the metal can also be used. Adding silica gel sachets in your toolbox can also ensure protection of your metal tools and help in the prevention of corrosion.

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