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When you have a moment, take a good look at your home’s entrance; does everything look alright to you? Does it need a makeover? Your home’s entrance is a part of your home design and says a lot about your personality as well as choice. That’s because it is the first thing outsiders see of your home form their opinion based on it. Also, changing up the entrance of your home is one of the better ways to increase your flat’s value and help it sell. So let’s hurry up and take a look at some simple and easy home entrance ideas to change it up.

Replace the Door

Multiple doors
Update your entrance by replacing the old door with a new one

Both interior and exterior designs are vital elements in making your home beautiful. It is also true that learning the ways of interior and exterior design is no easy task. You need as much as aesthetic knowledge as affordability. Even though we now know quite a bit about designing thanks to the internet, what we like may be out of our financial reach. However, it doesn’t take much to change up your home’s entrance. Here’s one of the better home entrance ideas. Replace the door. You can get a beautifully designed color door that doesn’t cost a whole lot.

Place Potted Plants

A door with a plant
Place pockets of green throughout your home

Nature brings tranquillity to both your eyes and your mind. Nature and plants play a big role in beautifying your home. Maybe that is why we place pockets of green throughout our home. For a lot of us, planting & taking care of flowers in the rooftop garden or yard is a hobby. That is why it’s not a bad idea to decorate the home entrance with potted plants or crotons. Since potted plants usually require more tending, croton plants need less care to flourish. Even not timely watering them isn’t a problem. You can collect plants to your liking from the nearest nursery. So once acquired, places them on your home entrance (don’t forget to take care of them). This way you’ll easily have an extremely attractive entrance without spending much.

Add Furniture

Two chairs
You can place a chair or a bench outside the entrance

Here’s one of the nicest home entrance ideas, a simple chair or a bench. It would be even better if you can hang a swing. This is as simple as it is necessary. First, let’s talk about the necessary aspect of it. It is not usual for guests to come over to your place while you are away. Don’t fret, as the guests can wait for you to return by lounging on the chair or bench. You also won’t need to sit down on the floor to tie your shoelaces when going out, sit down on the bench and take your time. And as far as aesthetics and attractiveness go, a chair or bench outside the entrance will continue adding it. Maybe you can add a few cushions to it if you want. It will both look nice and make sitting more comfortable.

Paint the Door and the Walls

A door and a wall
Painting the door that matches your wall color can be one of the better home entrance ideas

While the potted plants are spreading nature’s color to your home entrance, using artificial colors to paint the entrance door and the walls aren’t a bad idea. There are quite a variety of paint finishes available on the market. Select a color that matches the exterior of your home and repaint the main door. Or if you prefer, you can select a whole different color. Maybe you can try painting the furniture at your entrance. In today’s fashion trend, your main door can be of any color; even a contrasting color. There are no restrictions on choosing the color for your entrance. Pick whichever one you like.

Use an Assortment of Lights

Lights on a wire
Use a plethora of lights to decorate and enhance your front entry

The proper use of lights will create an atmosphere that can take you to another world. Even if you don’t apply the techniques mentioned above, having the right lighting on your entrance will create an astounding environment. There are a lot of options in the market today. You can get beautiful soft lights, strobe light, and even lampshades. Select lights that meld well with your entrance to easily change how it looks.  Wondering where to find different kinds of light in Dhaka? It’s not something you should worry about. There’s the New Market, DCC Market, and the Stadium market just to name a few. You’ll find many types of beautifully designed lights in those places.

Is only thinking about the beauty of your home’s interior enough? You need to think about the entire home. No part of your dear home is less important than the other. You’ll be able to transform your home’s entrance in an instant with the methods mentioned above. Did you apply these home entrance ideas? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments sections below about your experience of this transformation and your entrance.

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