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An aged home that has been around for 10 -12 years. Its outlook, akin to the décors and stylization of the days gone by – as if the old memories are still alive here. However, as you enter the home, you are transferred to a different world; a home that’s been organized little by little with great care and time. If renovating the entire home is too difficult, giving the interior a makeover can be a great alternative. But, keep in mind that planning always comes first before beginning any work. That is why our today’s article is dedicated towards helping you in your home makeover and planning.

Rearrange the Furniture

sofa in a room
Change the placement of furniture

There’s no need to replace any furniture when simply rearranging them can refresh your home. Some old furniture, such as a vintage coffee table or a rocking chair work, like magic in your home. So the thought of replacing them is out of the question. At the end of the day, they not only adorn your home but also tell stories. Think about placing the bed in the middle of the room – you’ll stumble onto a completely new room. Just moving the furniture a bit around will help you in your home makeover.

Decorate the Walls

Words written on walls
Utilize all the free space on walls

When is the last time you’ve thought of painting the wall of your home? Which color is your favorite? With a little effort and a bit of know-how, you can paint your home on your own! Pick the color you prefer and paint any one, two or all the walls of your home – which will, no doubt, make your dear home even more beautiful. Wallpapers can also be a good choice if you are looking for more variation and uniqueness. Once you are done with that, think about hanging a photo frame, painting or intricately designed wall mat on it. There’s no end to wall decoration ideas and the home makeover potential is limitless!

Light it Up

Light sphere
There are a variety of lights available on the market

Lighting has a commendable influence over a home’s look and feel. It can instantly change the entire atmosphere. So, why not change the usual lighting of your home with something different and new! For example, if you’ve been using white-colored light everywhere in your home, try replacing some with warmer colors. Lampshades can also affect the home’s lighting as well as work as decors – not to mention that they can also help in setting different sort of mood. There are plenty of options and colored lights available in the market that can revitalize your home’s aura.

Beautify the Floors

drawing room
Rugs can be used on floor

Is cleaning the floors enough for a home makeover? Certainly not! You also need beautiful floors for that. And there’s a number of creative things you can do with your floor. If you love artwork, turning the floors into a canvas and painting scenery or design can be a marvelous decision. Alternatively, placing carpets can also work if they are more to your liking. Quality carpets are made with great artistic care; which is why they tend to be quite beautiful and smooth. Carpets are most preferred by folks who have wooden or tiled floors at home.

Keep Greeneries

Splash a bit of green through the home

One of the wise decisions you can make, not only for a home makeover, is to keep some pockets of greenery or nature in your home. Small potted plants help spread tranquility throughout the home while simultaneously making it feel otherworldly. The color green itself is a great contributor towards beautifying any home, so why not keep a few plants in pots of plastic canisters at home. Maintaining them isn’t very difficult or time-consuming either – all the while bringing a bit of luck into your home. A cactus or bonsai plant looks great in the living room while a palm tree outside the entrance provides a welcoming feeling to onlookers.

Regardless of how you choose to proceed with your home makeover, make sure not to lose your home’s uniqueness. Every home has a few stories to tell and they should never be altered. The tips we mentioned today are here to help you preserve those stories while also breathing a new life into your home.

What’s your home’s story? What’s your approach to revitalizing your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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