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1. Study your prospect

This is the first and foremost thing you should do before you meet a client or make a presentation of the property.

Try to know the personal, family and work aspects of the potential client. The simplest way to do this is by asking customers or people close to the client directly over a normal conversation. This will allow you to detect 3 key elements: need, urgency and preferences. Only with these auto-filters can you offer your client the real property they need.

2. Connect with the client

Establish a good rapport and get to know the client before offering your product or customer service. Take the time to socialize and gather necessary information about your prospect; recognize mutual coincidences so that you can generate trust as the basis of any economic transaction.

The real estate business is a business of families and people; focus on the people and business will come.

3. Manage objections

The objections must be addressed, not avoided, and the best indicator is that there is an interest in what is being presented. Treat objections as requests for more information.

4. Focus on the sale

Most sellers make the mistake of wanting to win a conversation or be right on some topic.

The goal is to close the contract, not to divert attention or conversation from the client’s decision. During the negotiation of the property, make sure that the third parties who are participating in the conversation also don’t divert to other issues.

5. Obtain a written commitment

It is vital for every other realtor to get a written affirmation because commitment gives an assurance and provides validity and dedication to a cause. By doing so, each and every party involved can take the process to the next level.

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