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There’s no doubt that as people, we love to eat to our heart’s content. We are constantly on the lookout for any reason to eat. Birthday? Let’s eat. New job? Let’s eat again. Happy? Celebrate by eating. Sad? Eat to feel better. We love to eat, there’s no question about that. But the question that then bogs us down is: where do we eat? In this regard, those living in Banani have become the envy of residents across the city. Today we discuss the most trending and popular restaurants in Banani.

Burger Joint – Chillox

 Chillox - burger places to eat in Banani
Enjoy comfortable high-backed chairs as you chew through juicy patties

One of the fastest growing burger places to eat in Banani is none other than Chillox, located on Kemal Ataturk Avenue close to Hotel Sarina. The variety of styles in which they deliver their juiciest of burgers has won the attention of taste buds everywhere. From cheesy overloads, doused-in-sauces patties or just the spiciest of Naga mixes, they specialize in burgers for the masses. And to wash it down, they maintain a nice selection of fizzy drinks and shakes that is bound to have you wanting second rounds of refreshments. The most surprising thing about them: the incredibly reasonable pricing. This has made it a standout choice for everyone from students to full-fledged corporates. As one of the best places to eat in Banani and with the amazing location it’s in, surrounded by numerous educational institutions, Chillox is always bursting with activity.

Hangout – Time Out

Time Out - hangout restaurants in Banani
A cozy little place to hangout with friends

After a busy day at the office or in school, we all want a break. A great place to go on these long days has been Time Out. Nestled in the surprisingly quiet Road 19/A in Banani, it stays true to its name and offers great comfort with great food. The menu is varied and caters to the tastes of almost everyone. It has been a favorite among the eateries in Banani for many, many years for those looking to get together with friends for a casual hangout. While the servers make it a point to always make you feel like a truly welcome guest, the establishment has managed to maintain a scientific consistency in food quality that urges people into fulfilment. The smiles, smells and tastes provide an overall experience of joy and euphoria that is hard to look past and that demands many revisits to come.

Seafood – Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market - one of the most famous restaurants for seafood
Entrance to the home of delicious seafood

Seafood is definitely a favorite for everyone in Bangladesh, let alone Dhaka. Those residing in the concrete jungle of Banani are highly critical of the seafood they get from local stores and restaurants. But even when everyone becomes major critics, no one complains about the delicacies served by Manhattan Fish Market, located in the heart of Banani on Kemal Ataturk Avenue. Apart from the fact that every mouthful is fresh and crisp, it becomes difficult to complain when the mind is engulfed in the flavors of the sea. From fish to mussels, excellent service and dishes surpass every expectation. The Manhattan Fish Market has even thrown in a couple of chicken items on the menu for your friend who is averse to seafood, so there is no excuse not to go. Though on the expensive side, those fortunate enough to live nearby will tell you there is no price to put on taste so fulfilling.

Oriental Cuisine – Yum Cha District

Yum Cha District - one of the fastest growing restaurants in Banani
Indulge in true oriental cuisine

Another point of interest for the generation of foodies is oriental cuisine. Over the years, Dhaka city has been bombarded with ‘Chinese’ and ‘Thai’ restaurants which all serve a cuisine we refer to as ‘Bangla Chinese’ – the localisation of oriental cuisine incorporating more traditional flavors. But only in recent years has the true essence of oriental cuisine reached restaurants in Dhaka. The latest provider of such fine dishes has been Yum Cha District on Banani 11 (near the Bproperty Marketplace). Their assortment of dim sum, rice and noodle dishes, chicken and beef items, seafood delicacies and vegetarian delights have kept mouths watering and asking for more. Over the last few months, as far as popular restaurants go, Yum Cha District has made its mark on Banani as a must visit eatery.

Steak – Woodhouse Grill

Woodhouse Grill - one of the more popular restaurants for steak
Enlighten your tastebuds with a whole new take on steak

From our rich heritage of ‘chaap’, we have come all the way over to steak. A slab of meat fit for kings has to be prepared fit for kings. And recently, no one makes a meaner steak than Woodhouse Grill in the social heart of Dhaka, Banani 11. In just a few months, Woodhouse Grill has become the top recommendation for steak lovers and date goers. Steak is not easy to prepare. There are so many people that like their steak cooked in so many ways; from rare to well done. The servers first bring around a tray with different cuts of raw steak for you to choose from. The magnificent cooks in the back then go on to turn it into the perfect steak you had asked for. The days of steak disappointment are well behind us now thanks to the wonderful service of Woodhouse Grill.

All of the popular restaurants in Banani on this list will surpass your expectations in terms of food quality; no possible complaints. Banani has excellent proximity to great educational institutions, shopping places and groceries, and also functions as the midpoint of important sections of Dhaka. But the availability of great food, both for dining in and takeaway, makes Banani a must visit place. And of course we love to eat out, so we have to go over.

So, what other popular restaurants in Banani do you love?

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    Recently i visit a restaurant that was Bumble Bee Dhaka. H#68,R#10,B#D,Banani…That Restaurant Interior So Crazy and Lovely,, Their Food Service So Good, & this restaurant also available many sea Foods.. I like this restaurant. Also recommend you,, plz visit Bumble Bee,, Thanks

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