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Moving to a new place can bring about a lot of possibilities. It also constitutes a fair amount of trouble as well. Packing all your belongings is the most inevitably daunting aspect of moving. It needs to be done with careful planning and a lot of careful attention to pack and transport all your possessions safely. Some basic tips to pack faster and more effectively are highlighted in this article.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

While going through your stuff you are likely to come across items like old clothes, pictures, magazines and newspapers or even toys that you do not use anymore. Consider these things ‘junk’ and get rid of them. However, some of these things may hold sentimental value for you. In that case, get them organized with an album for old photos and a bag to store your old clothes in. Once you have every item in order, you will require much less space to pack.

Prepare the Boxes

You will need boxes to contain all your small-medium sized belongings. These boxes need to be prepared to store your fragile items. You can use bubble wrap to line the boxes. You can also have wrinkled newspaper at the bottom of each box, so that it can act as a base for your possessions.

Label your Boxes

Once you have stored everything carefully in all the boxes, secure them with tape in order to keep them from popping out. You should then label each box to identify what items they carry. For instance, for all your kitchen items you can have a box labeled ‘Kitchen’. This will simplify your packing and unpacking as well.

Make the Most of Each Box

When you are stuffing your boxes, make sure each box is filled to their maximum capacity. Although, this might mean that you will have to mess up a bit with the labels. You may need to stuff some living room items into your ‘Kitchen’ box. But you can still manage to keep track by including in the label, all the additional items that were supposed to be in other boxes. Like, if the ‘Kitchen’ box has a lampshade and a flower vase from the living room, you can write on the label ‘Kitchen + Lamp Shade + Vase’. It will let you utilize all the space and you will require less boxes to pack, but will also keep the contents ofthe boxes tight so they don’t move around inside to much and break.

Heavier Objects in Smaller Boxes

Lifting heavy boxes is a tiring task. To avoid having painful backs and arms after the move, it is best to place the heavier objects in smaller boxes to make handling them easier. If you are trying to move books (they are usually very heavy together), what you can do is transport them in a suitcase with wheels.

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