Have you ever wondered how to turn your old, boring apartment into a more magical space? Have you ever wanted to know the secret to a perfect apartment makeover? Here are 5 simple tips which will help you to turn your apartment into a whole new place.

1. Renovate

Give your old walls a makeover by changing their color. Choose warm and light shades and add some simple, elegant designs, whilst avoiding dark or fluorescent colors. If painting walls is too stressful, then try different wallpaper for each room. To make sure the styles don’t clash, choose a color scheme that fits your style. Add some simple frames or photographs to the walls to personalize your brand new room.

2. Update the lighting system

Instead of only one bright, central light source, instead try several energy-saving light sources or indirect light. To change the atmosphere of your room, choose table lamps or softer bulbs for a calmer, more relaxing space.

3. Change your curtains

Decorate your doors and windows with new, light-cultured curtains. Avoid heavy curtains and fussy designs. By letting natural light enter into your living space, your home will have a much more relaxing, warming atmosphere. Don’t forget to choose matching carpets for your floor!

4. Update your furniture

Why not try combined furniture with convertible features, which will save lots of space – for example chairs that fit together to create a table. Remove any unnecessary, heavy furniture which takes up too much space. Simple and minimalist furniture will help you to maximize and make the most of your space.

5. Add a touch of nature

Why not bring the outdoors in by adding a small plant or flowers to your room. It is scientifically proven that a living space is healthier when greenery is added, as they improve indoor air quality. In addition, flowers and plants add both beauty and serenity to any home.

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