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Selling your property for the highest price relies on getting as much interest as possible. So how do you do that? Firstly you need to post an attractive photo with a well-scripted description. This is the first step and surprisingly where many people slip up. If you want an open house where people are queuing out the door, you need to nail the photo and avoid these common pitfalls.

The Pool Paradox

Having a pool like this house in Mexico is a luxury. This standout feature is something most people dream about, but taking a good picture is difficult. As we see in the above photo one is overexposed and the pool is hard to make out, making it look like an ice hotel. The owner would struggle to sell this house with the photo on the right.

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People Power

This photographer could have waited 20 seconds, but as a busy man he decided that he couldn’t hold on; the result is a cluttered unprofessional shot. Did he even ask those two people for permission who knows? NB: make sure the coast is clear before taking the photo. This might require some patience in the busier parts of town.

Blurred Lines

This shot looks like it was taken mid-demolition. Like something out of Inception. While it’s kind of cool to look at it doesn’t exactly promote the apartment well. A potential buyer might wonder if the flat is still standing or was it razed to the ground moments after the photograph was taken.

What a Mess

This room is a mess. It’s almost as if the owner was in a panic to take the photos and leave the house on short notice. We can spot some clothes and a lot of cosmetics, perfume, and some accessories. The key to taking a good interior photo is to declutter and get rid of anything personal. This is a surefire way to put people off.

Darkness is not your Ally

This photo is a nice one to finish off the collection as it combines some of the worst mistakes a real estate photographer can make. It is a cluttered photo, the tv is on, and the owner is right in the shot. It is very dark and hard to see any of the details or get a clear idea of what the room looks like. Hands down the worst photo in the collection. What do you think?

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