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Color plays such a vital role in turning a house into a home. The walls may have ears but there is no doubt that when you have the right color scheme, they scream personality. Your furniture and home décor ideas must play into your color schemes as well. Why, you may ask, is color so important to us? Because color breathes life into the place. It represents us, our demeanor and our personalities. When you do pick up a beautiful apartment in Dhaka, here are 5 trending colors you can use around the house to keep it lively.

Red: Making the heart beat

red bedroom
The passion of red

Red is all about feeling. Passion, rage, romance, unity; red fills the shoes for so many emotions and state of minds. In the home, depending on the shade, you can express so much about yourself using red. Crimson is a bold statement about who you are. A royal red can tell people that you have a respectable sense of pride. And shade of pink can give off warm, happy and even playful vibes.

It is important to keep in mind that the walls aren’t the only colored parts of the house. The better you color match, the more your homes speaks. Red walls go well with black or brown accent furniture if you want a strong appearance. White and yellow accents lean the mood of the room more towards a vibrant atmosphere.

Blue: Deep yet relaxing

blue wall behind desk
The most popular hue in the world

As far as color schemes go, there’s no doubt blue comes into the mind at least once. Statistically one of the most favorite and trending colors in the world, everyone can appreciate it. But there are so many shades and variations on the color palette, which to choose?

Navy blue and Royal Blue are strong variations of the color. They give off a striking appearance and help make small rooms look bigger. Used with the right prints, you can achieve a wonderful Mediterranean look. On the other end of the scale you have teal and turquoise. These colors are more about good feels and joy. The bright tones make it impossible for one to feel down, and give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘feeling blue’.

Gold trimming and red borders create royalty in a house with the darker shades of blue. As we get lighter, yellow and red accents work magic and create just the right ambience. And the brighter variations of blue go exceptionally well with solid white and brown highlights to fill up your senses with freedom.

Yellow: Color schemes of Sunshine

color palette of the sun
Sunlight has a friend in yellow

There are few colors as vibrant and awake as yellow. Sunflower yellow is sure to make the sun rise in your home. And we love it. But of course there are many variations of the color. You may be familiar with darker shades of yellow like Marigold. The color scheme is highly prominent in shows centered in the mid and late 70s. Using the color is a throwback to those times when people looked for peace and joy in the masses.

A great way to highlight a solid yellow paint job is with crimson trimming. If you’re feeling a bit bolder and expressive, blue goes magnificently with any shade of yellow. It creates a striking effect sure to liven up anyone’s spirits.

Green: Nature and so much more

green bedroom
A serene color in the bedroom

The first thought we have when we see green is ‘nature’. And while this is very much apt and we love that sensation, there is a lot more to what green has to say. Green is a lot like blue and shares much of the hue’s attributes. The color palette of teal and turquois mentioned before have values of green in them. But the more solid greens are the trending colors like Forest and Hunter green. These are dark tones give off somber vibes of deep thoughts. Lighter shades like Lime and Kelly brighten up the room with a sense bordering excitement. And then there is Neon. We all love the color and it expresses so much about a home owner, but the color scheme is fairly difficult to pull off. But don’t let that stop you from trying.

Green is best accented with brown for that proper nature feel. Blacks and reds also play a good role in pulling off a green setting. For the brighter shades of green, yellow and red go well in creating a festive fee. You could even try to experiment with dark green accents! It’s surprisingly well fitting, even though it may seem a little overdone if not done right.

Brown: the other side of nature

coffee walls
Coffee is a wonderful sensation

Brown sounds out of place but it shouldn’t. Wood laden houses are some of the most magnificent homes we’ve ever seen. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have wood-bound homes. We can, however, use different shades of brown with a little bit of design to bring about the feel. Another favorite shade of brown seems to be Coffee. Many of us are profoundly in love with the beverage, but the color itself is a soothing tone. The color goes well with study areas and bedrooms.

Gold and silver are great supporting colors of brown. These color trims create a majestic look. Another less common but great color scheme is brown with yellow and green accents. This is more for those who want a warm looking home with touches of vibrant life.

White: the king of trending colors

white color scheme
An eternal trending color

No, we did not forget white. How could we. It, and its palette, is the most prominent interior color we see; especially here in Dhaka. Of its relatives, beige and cream are highly popular. Stonewhite has been growing in popularity too. It gives off the base of white while adding a little more tone to the color scheme of your house. Pearl has a similar effect with a more polished look to it.

The versatility of white color schemes allows all colors to be used to accent furniture, belongings and decorations. Black accents will create a solid contrast sure to please the eyes. Brown accents create a more homely feel. Blue and red bring in bold character to the place. And yellow makes the place shine.

Color schemes are meant to be played with. Painting the house can be an expensive ordeal, but it definitely has its perks. It changes everything about how the house looks and how it makes you, and everyone you have over for a get together with friends, feel. Find the trending colors that suite your personality and let the house speak volumes about you.

Have any favorite combinations you’d like the world to know? Leave us your tips in the comments section below.


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