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  1. Thrift store mirrored planter boxes. Purchase beveled mirrors from a cheap local store and borrow a hot glue gun from a friend. Combine the mirrors into a box shape and glue the edges together. And there you have it, an elegant glass planter box for your bed stand. For the step by step process, click here.
  2. Add an antique rug. Adding some eastern influence can take your bedroom to another level. Handmade rugs from silks are the best.
  3. Unique photo display. Tack a coat rack on a wall and hang your family portraits from the hooks.
  4. Turn plain curtain into fashion beads. Buy plain drapes and convert them into fashion beads. You can purchase fashion beads from any craft store. You will need beads that are mixed with glue. For a detailed walkthrough click here.
  5. Wall art. You can get a cheap gift paper from a local supermarket made from Papyrus. Try to get designs that are original and not kitschy. Mixing and matching can work well here. Use a series of different small prints to spice up your bedroom wall.

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