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Did you know that Bangladeshi people once attempted to set a record for world’s largest selfie? Setting world records isn’t something new to Bangladesh or its people; we have set several records throughout the years. Most people still vividly remember setting the world record for the largest human flag ever or the record for most people singing the national anthem simultaneously. While those records were eventually surpassed by others, there are plenty more that we achieved even in recent times. Some of those records are well-known by the people while others are less so. Today we’ll take a look at 7  Bangladesh world records that you probably don’t know about.

Longest Single Line of Bicycles (Moving)

List of bangladeshi world records include long chain of bicycles
Bicycles are one of the favorite modes of transport for Bangladeshi people

Riding bicycle is a favorite pastime for many young Bangladeshis. Bicycles are just as effective at providing recreation as they are for traveling. Which is why people everyday use bicycles to travel in Bangladesh. Bicycles are also great for your health and the environment since you need to pedal them to move forward. As a testament of Bangladeshi people’s passion for bicycles, a new record was set for the longest single line of moving bicycles in 2016. An incredible 1,186 cyclists took part in the record-breaking event which was organized by the non-profit group BDCyclists. The previous record was achieved back in 2015 and consisted of 984 cyclists. Bangladeshi cyclists rode for 3.2 kilometers in the Purbachal area to break the old record.

Largest Clean-up Campaign

Among all the Bangladeshi world records, this one stands out
Among all the Bangladeshi world records, this one stands out

To raise awareness among people that cleanliness isn’t just limited to personal life, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) organized the Dhaka Clean-up Campaign in April of this year. The event, which drew more than 20,000 people from all walks of life, created a new world record. Celebrities, police officers, firefighters, students; all took part in the event and not just those living in South Dhaka. Although the goal of the event wasn’t to break any records, people spontaneously joined in to make it so. Previously, the record for the largest clean-up campaign was set by India’s Vadodara Municipal Corporation with 5,000 people. It suffices to say that the new record holders went way beyond the previous holders.

Longest Marathon Swimming

Bangladesh world records in longest marathon swimming
The 67-year-old Khitindra Chandra Boishya is an avid open water swimmer

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. People used to jest in the old days that kids learn how to swim before they learn to walk. Even though many things have changed along with time, our rural people are still great swimmers. So it’s no surprise that Khitindra Chandra Boishya was able to break the world record for the longest marathon swimming. This is one of the most recent Bangladesh world records; set on September of this year. 67-year-old Mr. Boishya swam 186 kilometers for 61 hours non-stop to break the previous record of 177 kilometers. Therefore, this world record is an excellent example of the indomitable spirit of the Bangladeshi people.

Youngest Five Wicket Taker in Test Debut

Bangladesh has an unyielding passion for cricket
Bangladesh has an unyielding passion for cricket

Nayeem Hasan made history this year by taking five wickets against West Indies in his test cricket debut in Chattogram. The 17-year old debutant broke the previous record set by the Australian Pat Cummins. People of Bangladesh are incredibly passionate about cricket. As such, this is one of the Bangladesh world records that any Bengali cricket fan would be proud of. Although the match that took place on November this year didn’t go in Bangladesh’s favor, it highlighted the potential of our rising new cricket players.

Worlds Thinnest Nation

Low BMI set one of the bangladesh world records
The national BMI average is just above the lower threshold of normal weight

Here’s a world record that is unique and unorthodox; Bangladesh is the world’s thinnest nation in terms of BMI. Body Mass Index or BMI is the measurement of someone’s weight in regards to their height. It is an indicator of the person’s total body fat. So when in 2010 the national BMI average of Bangladeshi people was measured at 20.5 for women and 20.4 for men; it set a new world record for being the thinnest nation in the world. It’s one of the Bangladesh world records that no one intentionally sought to make, but happen to stumble upon it.

Longest Human Chain (Length)

This human chain was unlike anything else
This human chain was unlike anything else

If there is one thing that Bangladesh is abundant in, that is people. Bangladesh is one of the most populated countries in the world. It is a country full of passionate individuals. Back in 2004, one of the Bangladesh world records was set when over 5 million people joined their hands together. They formed the longest human chain in the world, stretching from Teknaf to Tentulia. As a result, the 1,050-kilometer human chain stretched across the entire country; from one end to another. Even after 14 years, it continues to be one of the most awe-inspiring events in the world.

Largest Human Image of a Hand

Students from all over Dhaka participated in the event
Students from all over Dhaka participated in the event

Lifebuoy Bangladesh decided to do something unique to promote hygiene on Global Hand Washing day 2017; set a world record. The event was heavily promoted by Lifebuoy Bangladesh throughout all media platforms. As a result, 11,157 students gathered on Dhaka Residential Model College field to form the world’s largest human image of a hand. All the students wore Lifebuoy branded red t-shirts and caps to form a uniform image of a hand. The event not just drew the attention of the people of Bangladesh, but also of the world.

The people of Bangladesh have an unyielding spirit. We rise to meet any challenges and set new records. While we only mentioned some in this list of Bangladeshi world records that you probably don’t know about, there are others you do know. And as time goes on, we will, no doubt, set more world records.


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