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Have you ever wondered why so many people want to live in Dhaka? Sure, it’s the capital of the country, but is that all it takes for folks from all over the nation to migrate to Dhaka? There would have to be some great advantages of living in Dhaka, wouldn’t there? While those of us who live in Dhaka might not always notice it, there are indeed numerous aspects that make life in Dhaka awesome. These aspects have considerably increased the city’s appeal as well as made significant improvements to living conditions. In a time when most people tend to focus on the negatives of the city, we’ll be focusing on brighter things and highlight the top 7 benefits of living in Dhaka.

Administrative Center

Places to live in Dhaka near the administrative center
Dhaka hosts most of the administrative headquarters of the government

Let’s get the most obvious benefit of living in Dhaka out of the way first. For all intents and purposes, Dhaka is the administrative center of the country. Dhaka hosts almost all department headquarters and the administrative institutions of the government. So, people who live in other parts of the country have to come to the capital to resolve many matters. Coming to Dhaka can be a hassle for many. Furthermore, congestion is one of the biggest problems of Dhaka and people not used to it can become frustrated. On the other hand, those who live in Dhaka can conduct any administrative business at their own time.

Technological Hub

Life in dhaka is convenient with tech
Citizens of Dhaka have the privilege of getting first taste of all the tech advancement

Dhaka is the most modern city in Bangladesh. This means, all the latest technologies and innovations are first introduced to the people living in Dhaka. And not just that, these technologies are also better maintained in the capital. For example, 3G and 4G internet capabilities were first implemented in Dhaka and still have the strongest network here. And it’s not just private organizations; government departments also integrate the latest technology to improve life in Dhaka.


Cost of living in dhaka can be high
Citizens have access to everything they may require

Most of us who live in Dhaka often take access to necessary things for granted. In all fairness, the benefit of accessibility is something you don’t notice until you no longer have it. Life in Dhaka is very convenient thanks to the ability to attain anything you might need close at hand. From home essential items to complicated tech, we have quick access to all of it. Numerous shopping malls, financial centers, and grocery shops ensure that citizens have a constant supply of necessary items. So for people living in Gulshan, for example, won’t have to travel very far to find what they need.


Living in dhaka with great accessibility
Dhaka enjoys unparalleled connectivity

Dhaka enjoys tremendous connectivity both internally and externally. Geographically, the city sits on a strategically valuable location that connects to every corner of Bangladesh. . A person can effectively find transport to anywhere in the country. Internally, the whole city is connected through a network of roads and highways. There’s no shortage of places to live in Dhaka and some of the most accessible areas in Dhaka include Malibagh, Gulshan, Mirpur, Uttara, and Dhanmondi. Residents can quickly travel within the city at any time of the day at very little cost. A ride on a public bus can cost around 10-50 BDT. So you can travel back and forth 20-30 kilometers for less than 100 BDT. Furthermore, successful development projects such as Hatirjheel are helping people avoid traffic jam in Dhaka. The government is always trying to improve the connectivity of Dhaka both within and without.

Food Diversity

People who live in dhaka enjoy great food
Any type of food can be found in Dhaka

When it comes to food, Dhaka is unbeatable. It is the melting pot of different types of cuisine. You can find any type of food your heart desires; and life in Dhaka would be incomplete without it. Puran Dhaka is THE place to find traditional food such as Biriyani, and even foreigners visit the area for a taste. Restaurants in Banani are also well-known for hosting a variety of foods; from oriental to Western food. This diversity of food isn’t limited to just types, but also extends to price too. You can easily satisfy your appetite for less than 200 BDT, or have a grand feast for a few thousand BDT. For foodies, these are the best places to live in Dhaka.

Recreational Options

Living in dhaka with no shortage of recreational places
There are many places to spend your evenings and weekends in Dhaka

In order to achieve a healthy and happy life, you need recreation and enjoyment. Luckily, there’s no shortage of such places in Dhaka. There are many places to visit in Mirpur alone. The National Zoo in Mirpur 1 is a very popular recreational spot. For history enthusiasts, there are several museums and noteworthy buildings in Old Dhaka. And if you enjoy being surrounded by nature, then you can visit any one of the famous parks in Dhaka. There are hundreds of places to go and hundreds of things to do. All of it ensuring you never have a dull evening or weekend.

Educational Institutions

Places to live in dhaka near educational institutions
Some of the greatest educational institutions are located in Dhaka

Last, but certainly not least, numerous prestigious educational institutions are one of the top reasons for living in Dhaka. Children’s education is the primary concern for many parents. They want to make sure that their child receives the best schooling. Therefore, many people migrate to Dhaka. Areas like Mirpur, Malibagh and Dhanmondi have some of the most reputed educational institutions in the country. As such, people who come to Dhaka want to find flats in Mirpur, Malibagh and other nearby areas. For many, this proximity is the biggest advantage of living in Dhaka, focus less on the cost of living in Dhaka.

For a lot of us who live in Dhaka, the city might not seem so special. It is only after we take a closer look that we realize how great life in Dhaka can be. Even with all the issues and drawbacks we face so often, Dhaka is still the best place to live in Bangladesh.

What’s your reason for living in Dhaka? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

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