The wallpaper is peeling off, the floor tiles are cacked and the kitchen sink is leaking. It’s time for a makeover – time to renovate your home. But how to start the big project if you haven’t done anything similar before? How much will it cost? How long will it take? How do you prevent a massive failure? And what needs to be done?

Today, we introduce you to the challenge of renovating your home the right way. We give seven useful tips so that you can comfortably tackle the big project.

Check what needs to be done

Before rushing into action you should always check what needs to be done. You’ve got to have the right plan right from the start otherwise you will lose perspective and your renovation becomes a mess. Make yourself a to-do list and follow each step as you go. Tip: Make sure you approach your project little by little and set achievable goals. It will save you time and money.

Think about the style

There are constantly changing interior styles, influencing your renovation plans. It’s good to have a look at the trends to get inspiration, but don’t try to be too hip. You don’t want to renovate every two years. Tip: Make sure that you don’t have too many mixed styles in your living space.


You know what needs to be done. Now comes the tough part about renovating. Planning the budget is very hard when you haven´t done it before. First thing to do is know what you can afford. Start with the big costs, and then factor in the smaller costs… Tip: Don’t use cheap materials, because what you pay is what you get. Ask around for leftover stock which will be cheaper but of the same quality.

Take measurements properly

When renovating, it’s all about measurements. Even an inch can make a difference. Therefore you should take care while taking them. If you don’t know how to do it or how to take them properly, ask for help. Tip: When it comes to cutting, take off a bit less than the measurements suggest. You can always cut off a bit more, but you can’t add length back on once it’s been removed.

Don’t avoid prep work

Prep work can be very frustrating and time consuming. No one likes doing it but it saves a lot of work once you’re done. People who have painted their walls before know how annoying it is crawling over the floor afterwards, trying to wipe away the tiny splatters of dried paint. Tip: Take everything what you might need later out of the room. It’s hard to find stuff once it’s covered under plastic film.

Personal safety

Personal safety is about preventing risk. Wear goggles and gloves while using heavy tools. It reduces the risk of accidents during work. A buzz saw not only cuts through wood or floor tiles. Tip: Switch of electric to avoid electric shocks during drilling. There might be a wire behind the wall you are not aware of.

Only do what you’re capable of

Don’t take on more than you can handle. For example if you haven’t worked with electrical before and are not sure how to lay electric wire, then hire an electrician. Also be comfortable with the tools you’re using. Tip: If you are hiring a contractor make sure he is trustworthy. It’s the same as with materials. What you see is what you get.

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