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Who doesn’t like a get together with friends? Some people wait for the next party at home to attend while others love hosting it themselves. We applaud all the effort these delightful hosts go through to provide a wonderful evening. And to those who need a hand with setting up a party of their own, here’s a simple guide to ensure you can host a welcoming and memorable get together of your own.

Squeaky Clean

cleaning floor
The cleaner it is, the nicer it all becomes

No one likes a dirty home; especially if it’s not their own. We try to clean our apartments on a regular basis, but more so when we want to invite people over. The deep cleaning of an apartment for a get together with friends involves getting behind the furniture for long lost artefacts and dirt. It means removing spider webs from the corners and pest control; but hopefully pests are not a persistent problem for you.

Make room to move

open apartment space for get together with friends
Lots of open space creates a nice setting

Some people are blessed with large luxurious apartments, whereas some people have more bijou homes. Regardless, we tend to have comfy homes with just enough room to move freely. But depending on your guest list, you may need a bit more space. Don’t hesitate to rearrange the place to create some room. If you do it right, you also just gave yourself a room makeover! But if you actually need a lot more space, just push the furniture to the walls to create a pseudo-dance floor for your guests. Keep in mind to ensure the furniture is still accessible in case someone gets a little too tired from the festivities and wants to sit down!

Dishes for the dishes

decorated dinnerware
Fancy dinnerware has always been attractive

The life of any party at home, after you, is food. It goes without saying that everyone loves a good dish. But you have to keep in mind what kind of get together with friends it is. The best choice for a very informal friend gathering is plastic plate and cups; especially if it’s a full-scale party with a huge guest list. But for a more close-friends-only soiree, bring out the fancy dinnerware. This means you finally have a reason to take out that fine china you’ve kept locked away. On the off-chance that you don’t have any, you should definitely go get some. Fine dinnerware not only presents the food aesthetically, it also tells the guests you think their company is worth the effort and beauty.

Décor items

decorated wall
A nice wall can create a great impression

Beautify the place! It really is as simple as that. Along with a clean & comfortable environment and nice dinnerware, you really want to make the place stand out. There are lots of home décor ideas you could try out, but a great one is using photo frames. Not only do they create an immensely beautiful environment, they create points of conversation and story telling.

Light up the night

light lamps
Keep in mind style and level of visibility

Candles are great for ambience, but people really do need a clear view. Good lighting is an irreplaceable aspect, whatever the setting. It helps showoff the house, let’s everyone see where they are going and eating and, of course, is perfect for taking pictures. If the friend gathering is during the day, make sure your apartment allows as much natural light as possible. There really is no alternative to it. If the event is in the evening, swap out energy-saver lights if you want a brighter environment. Or change it up by going with halogen bulbs or other warmer tones, if that’s what the occasion requires. Mix it up the way you like and set the mood.

Climate control

open window
Air out the place to keep it comfy

Somehow, people manage to forget about this part of the get together with friends until it’s too late. Things can get exciting during a party. That means a lot of activity and eventually, everyone is really hot and bothered. You can now find many apartments across the country that have great ventilation systems. Is yours an apartment that can handle the weather? Of course air conditioning is always an answer, but for those not rocking one in the living room, ventilation is your friend. Find points that have a natural flow of heat and reinforce them. Have a ceiling fan on, but also have a fan pointing out the window. This helps in getting rid of excess heat in the house.

But what if it’s too cold in the winter? Curtains help a great deal as insulation. Portable heaters are also fairly available. An extreme trick you can use is keeping buckets of hot water in places where the guests can’t reach, though this is highly inefficient for a longer friend gathering. How did you keep your last winter-wonderland party at home warm?

Shoes and bags allocation

shoe rack
A nice shoe rack an keep things tidy

Often, a good sign that there is a get together going on is the pile of shoes in front the house. And though it’s very easy to just take off your shoes and walk in, it leaves a mess and there is plenty of dirt to deal with. It also becomes difficult to find and wear shoes after the party at home. What you can do is get a storied shoe-rack to help separate everyone’s shoes. This is a more organized alternative and is much cleaner. Leaving a couple of chairs outside can also help to get them on before heading home.

As for bags and coats, people often like to carry them around, even in the house. However, a nice coat rack does wonders. Some people even have small closets near the door with hangars and racks to hold these belongings.

Waste goes here

trash around dustbin
No one wants to see this during a party

Disposal is all too often forgotten till after the party at home. And then we are left with a mess that is both disturbing and tiresome to clean up. Why not prevent this as much as possible? Invest in a few dustbins for around the house. You can take it a step further by putting up arrow-signs showing guests where their rubbish goes. This is a simple solution that can potentially save you hours of hassle.

A get together with friends and family is always lovely, especially if you have a wonderful home like these apartments in Banani. But even more so when it’s planned, organised and executed well. Try it out. Host a get together with friends using the guideline we’ve mentioned above and see how it goes. Perhaps along the way you’ll find even more tips and tricks worth sharing with everyone. Be sure to tell us how your experience went, or goes, in the comments sections below. Good luck and good fun to you.

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