Your dining room is one of the most important spaces of your house. It’s not just a place for eating your daily meals, it’s a great place to spend some quality time with your family. Here, talk about the events of the day, share your stories, share joys and celebrations while you have to manage a hectic whirlwind of activities every day of the week. That’s why Bproperty has prepared some great tips and tricks to decorate your dining room in the best way possible.

Many colors

Wood is an ideal material to give your dining space a rustic mood. However, if used in a clever way, it can add a modern touch to your furniture. A great way to do it is if you get a table painted in bright colors and get it covered with glass or other materials which will give it a nice spin. You can even buy a simple dining table and paint it yourself to give it a personal touch. It can also be a fun family activity to do together.

The game of chairs

Another way for you to spice up your dining room is playing with chairs. Choose several designs in a different way to give a youthful look to your dining room and combine them with a simple table in white or mahogany wood. This will make it look amazing. It can be a great conversation starter for your guests while they choose one of these funky chairs to sit in.

Classic Style

If classic is more your style, a combination of ceiling lamps and mirrors will perfectly match with a sober dining table that is the right size for you and your family. You surely will love those handmade carvings and shades that mix the serenity of soft colors with the comforts of a bulky chair. You can always add cushions to make it even more comfortable!


Are you a fan of aesthetic innovation? You can maintain a chic and rustic style to make it look really cool. Play with the volume and color, and pair up a dark and thick wooden table with thin chairs; complement them with nice décor lamps to add warmth.

Forms and figures

The chairs are a fundamental part of your dining room setting. If your table is very simple and you want to give it a different stroke, you can use flower cushions on your chairs to give a feminine touch to the place. Another way to make it pop is covering them in different textures of fabrics; this is perfect to personalize the place in a unique style. Feel free to choose from an infinity of fabric designs that will complement your style.

In touch with nature

If you like the rustic style, go for dark wooden tables. Choose the tones that connect with the colors of nature. You can play with the ranges of brown, beige, cream, grey, dusty pink and even greens. Combine natural textures and warm tones to create an ambiance that will surely bring out the nature lover inside you. This will create an atmosphere that lets you enjoy nature without going outside.


If you are living in a small apartment or house, a thick wooden table is not for you. Go for pieces that best suit your space. Using a monochromatic palette may be a good idea for a small dining room. Keep the room clutter free and minimal in terms of decoration, otherwise the room will look cramped.


To achieve this style, pair a sleek table with delicate chairs that are preferably covered with equally exquisite fabric. Choose soothing colors; place your furniture preferably near windows and clear walls that are illuminated by natural lighting.

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