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Interior design is no easy matter. But it’s also not rocket science. So why is it so confusing? Well, first of all, looking beautiful is a complex matter as what is beautiful can vary so much for different people. Also, just like the interior design trends 2018, styles come and go and that can highly impact the perception of things. But there are things that go beyond the scope of changing desires and these are interior design myths. These pesky issues create a great deal of confusion and also barriers to progress. Today, we look at some of the worst misconceptions of interior designs & interior design myths and debunk the misunderstandings around them.

Stick to a SINgle style throughout

multi-style setup
It’s not always about a single style

The entire house has to be designed following a single style or it will look messy. Absolutely not. Just as each room serves a particular function, so too can design! You wouldn’t want your kitchen to have the same design as your bathroom, would you? There are many homes with multiple designs that look stunning simply because the basics of interior design were followed to create a flowing change or just the right contrast from room to room. Let’s not mix up multiple style strategically executed with a messy palette of designs. We are prone to making interior design mistakes, but interior design flaws shouldn’t be the end all be all in decision-making. In the end, it comes down to how the designs are implemented and not the number of designs themselves.

Only have one focal point

dual focus through glasses
It’s hard, but you can focus on more than one point at a time

Have you ever had two major art pieces in the same room and  wanted both to be seen with equal importance? Go ahead and make both of them focal points of the room! The biggest issue that has added this to the list of interior design myths is that it is very difficult to pull off; they are not interior design flaws. The lighting, line and form designers put together for a room with two points of focus can be quite harrowing to calculate. But the results can be equally wonderful, creating a feeling in the mind that inexplicably pleases the viewer. It is a bold move; a high risk, high reward scenario. But it is by no means untouchable territory in interior design.

Never Repaint vintage articles

vintage hourglass
Vintage can be timeless, yet require modern attention

It’s a vintage! How could you ruin it? These are quite possibly the reactions you would normally get. Ignore them and most interior design myths and create a work of art. Yes, vintage furniture and decorations have great appeal of their own accord, but who is to say you can’t make things better with the right ideas? After all, second hand furniture is many-a-time acquired to be re-purposed. A few vintage items may grab your attention that aren’t exactly what you want but close enough to be made so. Let your creative juices flow and make what you need or want. Let the vintage article be the foundation of your masterpiece and debunk this interior design myth yourself!

Small rooms should be white

small white room
White rooms look great, but aren’t necessary all the time

The eternal reigning champion of trending colors is definitely white. We all love it because it works almost anywhere. It is clean, the canvas of all other interior design and makes small rooms look bigger. But it’s not alone in this aspect. There are many factors that can make a small room look bigger. Small rooms need not be confined to a single color just because of their size. Perhaps it’s a room that demands striking attention. Give the room what it deserves! There are many bright colors that can have nearly the same effect as white walls. These colors can even better suite your overall design of the room and add greater value than white while fulfilling your size-perception requirements. It’s not the size of the room, rather what you do with it that matters.

The Ceiling must be white

white ceiling
White ceilings are common but not the only way to go

We almost always see white ceilings, especially here in Dhaka. Why? Because it’s the best color to use! While we agree that white is wonderful in what it provides and that it’s hard to go wrong with it, interior design myths like ceilings must be white are a little irksome for us here at Bproperty. We believe in expressing yourselves and dislike the idea that your form of expression would be bound by something untrue. White is known to open up the room and make it look bigger, but so are so many other bright and vibrant colors. So open up your creativity against these misconceptions of interior designs and open up your room through the ceiling the way you want. No color should ever be a rule; only a preference.

Dark colors are depressing

slate wall
Dark colors can be more stunning than depressing if done right

Black walls mean you are upset. Dark blue colors mean you are somber. Your home should not be the equivalent of literature class from school; not all colors have to be a direct representation of your mood. After all, color can’t be changed that often, can it? Yes, color is a great way to represent who your are, but it may also not be used in that manner. Perhaps your overall design just calls for the use of particular deeper and darker tones. And while it is true that dark rooms tend to give a more suppressed feel, it all comes down to the use of contrasting tones, trims and highlights. Visualize a beautiful design, ignore these misconceptions of interior designs and implement whatever color you feel is deserving of the room.

Interior designers are expensive

expensive design
Just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it has to be expensive

So there are too many rules, requirements, misconceptions of interior designs and interior design myths for you to handle. You decide to turn to a professional interior designer and are suddenly plagued by friends and family panicking about the cost. Know that while they can be costly, it comes down to what you want to achieve. You may want to have the entire house done or just a single room. There are tons of designers to pick from as well, who are experienced in different forms. These things will definitely affect their pricing schemes. But a great interior designer will always be able to take close to your budget, as long as it’s reasonable, and create a wonderland for you. It comes down to their experience and willingness to experiment.

Interior designers force their own designs on your house

interior design tastes
They won’t force their tastes on you

Some people feel that having an interior designer will leave them feeling like guests in their own homes. Some of the best interior designers in the world are called for just that; their vision and ability to create unique atmospheres. But the greatest designers also listen intently and work with you. They augment your dreams with their expertise and understanding, thus making the place resonate with what you love. It is also your job to inform them clearly on what you want so that they accomplish what they set out to do in the first place, design you a home.

Interior design myths are scary to us because they bind creativity. This is why we want you to know that though the basics of interior design help greatly in creating a beautiful home, they are just guidelines. Whether you do it yourself or have a professional design the place, we say: let myths be myths; full creative freedom to you!

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