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The saying ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’ is evident in today’s real estate industry. The ordinary mass sellers often disappoint the property buyers. When people think of buying an apartment, they will look for the source which is more trustworthy and efficient. As the online business industry is growing in Bangladesh, the need for replenishment in property transactions is rising parallelly regarding digitization. Hence, Bproperty has been launched with the purpose of such transition in real estate industry of Bangladesh.

The sole motive of the company is to stand as a one-stop solution for accelerating all kinds of property transactions. Buying a house through Bproperty has become evidently obtrusive among Dhaka people. However, the residents from other parts of the country are also deviating towards this company for any sorts of property buying need.

Why is Bproperty the primary option to rely on if you are looking for an authoritative source? Enlighten yourself by having a read.


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Bproperty saves your time that a general seller would barely do

When a buyer contacts to Bproperty for buying a house, s/he is immediately served by our customer service team. The representative takes the time to hear a client’s requirements and then suggests them the best choices. Thus, if any of the suggestions match the criterion; an expert sales adviser is assigned to serve the respective client. Therefore, it saves much time for a customer finding the perfect size, required budget and also the desired location. Bproperty performs all these activities on behalf of the buyers. The organization knows the cities ins and outs of the city, down to the level of individual neighborhoods. Thus, it makes a world of a difference than a general seller who wouldn’t put any effort and time to aid their customers.

SECURED TRANSACTION for both buyer and seller

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Every buyer seek a secured transaction assurance

Bproperty ensures a secured transaction that any general property seller would fail to assure their customers. The company is responsible for filtering the fraud buyers and sellers. Also, the transaction is secured from both ends, so no parties are harmed. Regarding financial dealings, Bproperty makes sure the paid amount by the buyer is safely handed to the property seller. However, a regular property owner mostly does not feel liable to ensure how securely a client is able to pay. So, Bproperty places this at the priority since the company takes the oath that every property transaction is carried out safely and smoothly.


pile of files
Check and verify the documents as much as you need

Property buyers need all the records of seller all checked and confirmed. Through sub-registry office, Bproperty verifies every single document of the sellable house. In this process, every paper is examined to ascertain the property has legal clearance, and the construction is lawfully approved.


credit cards
Feel safe with your payment with Bproperty

The time it comes to closing the deal; Bproperty cares about the payment propensity of a buyer. The assigned adviser itself guides through the home loans and cooperates to pay the property price without any extra stress. So, if the anxiety of banking solution is bugging you, contact our team right away. Bproperty has recently affiliated with prestigious and acknowledged banks of Bangladesh. This allegiance persuades you to have your trust in Bproperty to take care of your financial worries.


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Have your queries answered for better understanding

Both customer service and sales team verify the personal information on behalf of both of the parties. So, every detail is to the point and authentic as our team filter the data through a couple of stages. The buyers do not need to take help of any third party help to get through the seller’s background and property details. Moreover, Bproperty makes the process easier for the client to know about the seller. On the other hand, the sellers are mindful about their prospective clients as well. The homeowner is similarly privileged with the buyer’s data to make sure they are handing over the property in safe hands.

Expanded search power

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Let Bproperty search the suitable property for you

Mostly, people owning apartments in Dhaka or any other cities, look for newspapers or billboards with a hope to get the selective and good amount of property information. Bproperty owns the database of fresh property listings which are up-to-date, filtering all the out-of-date properties. Hence, our property advisors shorten the time consumed for clients of every sort to search for a property.

You might not know it all

An individual reading newspaper to look for information
Cater yourself with every bit of information you need

In general, when a property seeker knocks the door of an owner, usually they won’t be giving you 100% of the information regarding the property. Even though, a seller would try to portray themselves very divergent than others. A property owner will smartly skip the information they don’t want to reveal. They might trick you into serving you with basic queries smartly dodging the in-depth disclosures. Whereas, Bproperty is upfront to let you know the accuracy and gaps about a specific property and also open to giving you references of clients the company serves. The property advisers of Bproperty are sincere to be the best pick of yours. If you check the references, it gets easier for you to know how the company builds trust and transparency among the clients.

Up-To-Date Price

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Know all the updated prices on our website for your better clarification

When you look for an apartment on your own; price is the first component to take into account. Besides, home buyers need to stay clarified about the up-to-date prices of properties among all the neighborhoods. Therefore, Bproperty team is the only place where you will get to know about the trending price updates and compare how the price varies depending on the locality. The present price scenario of apartments has taken invasive shape over a couple of years based on housing trends for each neighborhood. If you approach to a general property seller; you might not draw accurate rates for the apartments and they can downplay you with false prices. Our property experts are just a call away to advise you on right property price for the desired apartment you are planning to buy.

The only Marketplace in Bangladesh

Bproperty Marketplace at Banani
Meet the property experts in person and get yourself familiar with trending real estate of Bangladesh

Bproperty has launched its physical marketplace at Banani, Dhaka as the sole real estate storefront owning largest property inventory. So, make up your mind to pay a visit to this first ever marketplace of Bangladesh and meet property experts. Have a one to one chat with them on properties and market trends, price updates of properties, legal and financial support etc. If you are a beginner in the real estate game Bproperty Marketplace is here to help with best one-stop solution to your every query. Perhaps, any individual can walk in and one of the experts would attend the visitor taking sufficient amount of time. Property experts would dig into your demand concisely and guide you with the best service approach suited to your need.

Property buying or any real estate investment are as one of the trickiest transactions to pull off and everyone involved wants to play safe and smooth. There was a time when people were more introvert and oblivious about real estate world and fell as the victim of pretentious and fake real estate agents. Therefore, Bproperty stepped into Bangladeshi real estate industry as the singular and largest real estate marketplace pledged to serve customers with best property buying experience ever. Furthermore, the company enables this opportunity for every party to safeguard real estate transactions welcoming all to invest without any second thoughts.

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