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The Banani area has long been considered one of the most prominent areas of the capital. During the initial expansion of Dhaka in the 50’s, Banani was designated as a residential area for middle-class families. That, however, changed after independence when the area became a prime real estate location thanks to the numerous foreign embassies nearby. Banani is one of the top trending residential areas in Dhaka right now, and many who don’t live in Banani aspire to have a home there. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of living in Banani.

Well-Maintained Infrastructure

Well maintained roads are one of the biggest advantages of living in banani
Regular maintainance takes place on the Banani roads

Banani possesses something that few areas in Dhaka have; properly maintained roads and facilities. Almost all the roads in the area are in spectacular condition. Infrastructural development is also meticulously planned. There have been continuous improvements to the infrastructure of the area to ensure the utmost living conditions. As a result, Banani is one of the few flood resistant areas in Dhaka. Another infrastructural advantage of living in Banani comes in the form of uninterrupted water supply. The residents of the area are free from having to worry about instances of water shortage due to development works.

Open Fields and Parks

Live in Banani with great natural areas
Numerous parks and field allow residents to enjoy natural settings

People today are more aware of the necessity of greenery in their life as well as fields. While there are quite a few benefits of houseplants, you also need to spend time outdoors in open places with plants and flowers. Additionally, children need fields where they can play games and take part in physical activities. Those who live in Banani can easily fulfill both these needs. Having numerous fields and parks for residents to play and relax in is one of the major advantages of living in Banani. The Banani SWAT FC Field is a popular place for organized football matches as well as casual play. It hosts several football matches every day and is fitted with resources to hold matches after dark. Then there’s also Baishakhi Park which is perfect for enjoying an afternoon soaking in the beauty of nature.

Popular Restaurants

Life in Banani is great thanks to variety of foods
Almost every kind of food is available in Banani

Another one of the advantages of living in Banani is the proximity to some of the best eateries in Dhaka. There are many popular restaurants in Banani.  This feat is possible thanks to the high-quality and wide variety of food there. All kinds of delicacies, be it Oriental, Mexican, Indian or Fast food, are available there ready to satisfy every taste. However, it’s not just the food lovers who frequent these places, but also people looking to hang out with friends. Banani has several educational institutions, and the students there are regular customers of these eateries. The same also goes for many office goers in the area. Furthermore, people from all over Dhaka also visit Banani to experience and enjoy the food here. That is why many who live in Banani consider themselves lucky to have so many great places to eat nearby.

Branded Shopping Outlets

Banani is the go-to place to find trendy items
Banani is the go-to place to find trendy items

Shopping is one of the favorite activities for many residents of Dhaka. People today are also more fashion conscious than ever before. They want shopping outlets that sell not just elegant and good-looking items, but also trendy items. Luckily, there are many prestigious local and international brand shops in Dhaka; and a lot of them have branches in Banani. Having access to such shops is a tremendous advantage for people living in Banani. Even though there are several great shopping malls in Dhaka, people who live in Banani can often find what they are looking for in these places. This saves the trouble of going to distant places to find decent fashionable items. This makes life in Banani very convenient.

Serene Residential Environment

serene environment is one of the advantages of living in Banani
Only few areas in Dhaka enjoy the same level of peace and quiet

While Banani has a surprising number of offices within its vicinity, it is still first and foremost a residential area. There are plenty of flats for sale in Banani that people can get their hands on. One of the greatest advantages of living in Banani is due to its atmosphere. The serene environment of the area is perfect for anyone looking for a quiet place to live. The Kemal Ataturk Avenue divides Banani into two parts. The northern side of Kemal Ataturk Avenue is almost its entirety made up of residential areas while the southern side is a mixture of residential and commercial places. As a result, the northern residential area has a calmer environment. However, the inner residential areas of the southern side of Banani are still more serene than many other areas of Dhaka. Banani also has an amazing security, which further enhances the tranquility of the area.

Many consider Banani as the best area in Dhaka to live, and there are quite a few benefits that support that statement. It is a place that offers a great living environment and amenities. So if you are looking for a place in Banani, head over to Bproperty Banani Marketplace to find your new home.

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