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Looking for a start in Chittagong? Planning to get your first apartment here? Maybe not the posh apartments in Chittagong for now but for a start, it offers you plenty. There are several areas in Chittagong where you can get a great deal. From plenty of such offerings, we picked the best ones for you so that you don’t have to go through the hassle. Let’s look at the most affordable apartments in Chittagong which we think are the best choices.

Check out One of the finely built bayazid apartments in Chittagong

Bayazid is known for its convention centers and shopping malls and food courts. Making this area extremely popular for a living. Aside from all the modern amenities in the area, it is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Chittagong as cantonment is close. Here, we have a finely built 1504 sq.ft apartment with everything you need. Three beds and three baths, this Bayazid apartment is perfect for your family.

One of the affordable apartments in Chittagong
Amazing Family Sized Apartment For Sale In Bayazid

apartment in the healthy city- Jamal Khan

Jamal Khan is already known for hygiene and cleanliness. Plus this structured neighborhood is also close to the corporate area of Chittagong. Therefore living in this area will automatically minimize your transportation cost, every day! Feel like buying an apartment in Jamal Khan? Then consider this 1450 sq.ft unique apartment near Askhar Dighir Par. With spacious rooms and one of a kind building structure, you wouldn’t want to miss one of the affordable apartments in Jamal Khan.

Finely Built Apartment in Jamal Khan
Finely Built Apartment in Jamal Khan

how about an apartment in double mooring?

Speaking of being near the corporate area, Double Mooring is the closest. This location is a fine blend of the commercial and residential area. Moreover, one of the Chittagong’s best, Chittagong Collegiate School and College is there. Hence, making it the perfect investment for you and your children with this spacious Double Mooring apartment.

one finely built apartment in double mooring
Live Near The Corporate Area With This Double Mooring Apartment

this khulshi apartment could be yours

Undoubtedly buying a Khulshi apartment is a dream for many. However, not always you come across an affordable apartment like this one is South Khulshi. Approximately 1660 sq. Ft in size, three bedrooms, and four baths, this Khulshi apartment could be yours! As the cherry on top, you will enjoy the serene Khulshi lifestyle. Would you still want to miss this opportunity?

affordable dream apartment in Khulshi
Don’t Miss Out The Wonderful Opportunity To Own An Apartment In Khulshi

spacious 1870 sq.ft apartment at an unbelievable price

Close to Jamal Khan, we have this spacious apartment at Kazir Dewri, one of the prominent places in Chittagong. Considering the facilities and the area, this apartment is the best as it gets. Almost all the amenities you can think of, this apartment is ready to provide you, making it one of the most affordable apartments of such kind. So, try considering this apartment for your next investment, and you will not be disappointed.

spacious apartment in Kazir Dewri Chittagong
Grab This Spacious Kazir Dewri Apartment Before Someone Takes It

For your kickstart, these residential choices should be enough. We wish you all the best in finding your dream property.

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