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A huge number of students in Bangladesh leave their homes every year during admission seasons. Right after enrolling in any private or public university, the next thought which strikes students is their accomodation. The greatest perk for public university students is the availability of housing facilities, something many private university students do not have the luxury of. Nonetheless, to secure a hall seat is also a matter of sheer luck. One could only have such a privilege if he/she wins through a lottery process, which leaves us with the question – what happens to the rest? How will the ones who failed to get a chance to study in a public university, or the ones who could not manage a hall seat, manage the situation? This article highlights affordable housing solutions for students who live far away from their homes to continue their studies. Continue reading the article to know more about such possible solutions.


Room for rent
Another benefit of living in a sublet is that one can live in their own terms

Students can easily search the nearby areas of their universities where they can share apartments with others. Around two to three students are adequate for sharing a sublet apartment comfortably. It  helps to minimize the rent expenses for each individual; making it one of the most affordable housing solutions for students. 

Living in a sublet allows a student to cut down a lot of expenses, starting from rent, electricity bills, gas bills and many other things. Even the internet bill can be split. Apart from these, other repairs and additional expenses can be paid equally. A sublet is more suitable in terms of splitting food expenses as well. One of the best parts of living in a sublet is that one can cook for themselves or with their flat mates, depending on their convenience and live in whichever way they want to. 

Living in a sublet gives someone the entire authority to decorate their rooms according to their preferences. But a problem faced by many sharing these kinds of housing is the presence of small rooms. 


Student Living
It is possible to live here just the way someone wants to

A mess usually develops around university areas. It is a common scenario to see seven to eight members sharing a 2 bedroom apartment. This aids in reducing expenses significantly. Generally, three to four people share one bedroom in a mess and the rent is subsequently much lower than sublets, since the number of roommates in a mess is usually higher.

In case of a mess, the cooking is done for everyone at a particular time due to the high number of individuals. The food track is usually kept through a “meal” system. A mess is similar to hostels, yet it differs to some extent and has a much more lenient set of rules. It is possible for someone to stay in a mess with full liberties. However, due to the presence of four to five individuals, studying might be difficult at times. On a brighter note, students can study collaboratively based on the urgency of a situation.

Overall, living expenses lessen to a great extent when someone opts to live in a mess. You can find a lot of messes around public and private universities. Usually, a high availability of mess rooms can be seen in such areas through ‘to-let’ advertisements.


Hostel Types
Hostels have been evolving throughout the years

You will find innumerable public and private hostels in university areas and around admission coaching centers. One can either live alone or share the apartments in a hostel. Hostels basically charge for living and food expenses at the same time. There is a designated place for each and everything, starting from a dining space, bathrooms, kitchen, a recreation hall to food court. Students living in hostels maintain a specific schedule in order to run their daily errands. Hostels have been evolving throughout the years. For instance, super hostels, super hostels Bangladesh adhunik. These are the kind of hostels which rapidly grew in popularity for the facilities they offer to the students. In terms of affordable housing  solutions for students, these hostels stand as first options.

Live-in Tutor

Pen, diary and hand
One should not miss the opportunity of getting established while being a student

Though incredibly rare and maybe even unheard of, there are several families out there who allow students to share the same roof with them. In exchange the student takes the responsibility of providing tuitions to their children. Even though this practice is not prevalent in our society, it is still possible to find a few families who provide shelter to tutor-students. 

Generally the students are allowed to stay at “Chilekotha”, since it stays empty most of the time. Compared to other sustainable options, living in “Chilekotha” is much more cost-competitive. Some families even vacate their old rooms and charge for food facilities, so that students can reside comfortably. 

Affordable housing solutions for students are crucial, especially during the initial years of their educational lives. Students sacrifice their comfort in order to ease the pressures of their family, while they keep on developing themselves. There are plenty of students who are fully content with staying in hostels and sublets. Moreover, opportunities like live-in options allow students to establish themselves as teachers, while still being a student. Hence, it is better to start off a new life in someone’s own terms. 

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