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When you think of Chittagong, other than the port city what else strikes your mind? The city where most of the international trades of the country are being escalated. Hence, today Bproperty is glad to share information about the downtown financial and the commercial area of Chittagong – Agrabad. The locality not only hosts widespread Bangladeshi and International tradings but also consists of a well developed residential area – CDA. Agrabad also entails numerous shopping places and restaurants for you and your family’s staple outings.

Let’s tell you about what more Agrabad has to offer you.

Central Commercial Zone

A cityscape view of Agrabad
A cityscape view of the commercial area of Chittagong

There are many local and international businesses, head offices of prominent banks and financial institutions and other commercial entities in Agrabad. Just like Dhaka’s Motijheel area, Agrabad is the place where all the corporate individuals unite. If you are thinking of securing your next business in Chittagong, this is the place calling your name. Just a few minutes drive away from Agrabad, there is Chittagong EPZ. This EPZ is one of the eight export processing zones in entire Bangladesh. Apart from that, many pharmaceuticals company and oil distributors chose Agrabad as their distribution hub. One of the oldest leading educational institutes, Government Commerce College is in the same locality as well. Then again, Agrabad also resides the biggest capital market, Chittagong Stock Exchange, the central tea auction house of Bangladesh’s tea industry and Bangladesh Betar.

Hub of Shipping Carriers

One of the busiest container ports of Agrabad
One of the busiest container ports of Agrabad

What portrays the commercial area of Chittagong better than none other the port itself? A major portion of this port are the containers. Several businesses revolve around just by boarding-unboarding, transporting and stocking these containers. Also, there are the secondary market, small businesses which are benefited from the container business. Evidently, all these lead to multiple corporate houses and turns Agrabad into one the busiest commercial hub of Chittagong. If you visit this part of the town, try going there at night. The yellow floodlights and the constant buzz will surely make you feel spurred.

Ethnological Museum

The only ethnological museum of Bangladesh in Agrabad
The only ethnological museum of Bangladesh

Though it is a commercial hub, it attracts tourists as well as it has the only Ethnological Museum (Jati Tattik Jadughor) in Bangladesh. This museum was built to portray the lifestyle and the history of the Chittagong hill tribes back in 1974. Other than the alive looking exhibits in the museum, there are several paintings, ancient plaques, maps, photographs and other precious preservings that represent the history of the tribes. Visiting this museum in Agrabad is a great way to learn about our country and the tribes. Next time when you go there, put this on your checklist.

Live in Agrabad

commercial hub of Agrabad
Breathtaking view of this part of town

Agrabad has one of the biggest residential areas of Chittagong, the CDA – residential area. If you are planning to move into this area there are plenty of vacant apartments for sale in North Agrabad Ward. Moreover, to complement your living there are popular restaurants like Ambrosia, Silver spoon, Lemongrass and Shangrila which is one of the oldest authentic Chinese Cuisine. If you are one of those shopaholics who like their home to stay nearby malls, Agrabad has the Lucky Plaza, Singapore Bangkok Market, Akhtaruzzaman Center. For your children’s happy weekend you can take them to the nearest Karnaphuli Shishu Park. 

This port city of Bangladesh has its own charm and significance. Words are less to describe the distinctiveness of the Chittagong’s respective localities. So why don’t you find it out on your own and take a trip to this beautiful sea by the bay soon?

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