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From vibrant public buildings in Singapore to exuberant wineries in Spain; this year’s Sony Photography Competition has some striking nominations. We very much look forward to seeing the final results in April.

German-born Nick Frank had no ordinary entry into the world of photography having worked in advertising once upon a time. Since switching careers, his distinctive images can be found everywhere from Spiegel to the Suddeutsche Zeiting. His image ‘Skeet Hall’ above made it to the shortlist in the architecture category.

The shortlisted image captures the rustic charm of Singapore’s oldest public housing. Residents display the Singapore flag with great pride outside their small apartments. It was taken on 14 August 2016, during Singapore’s 51st National Day celebration month. Lester Koh Meng Hua is a photography aficionado interested in different genres from abstract to nature and architecture.

This photo named Ysios depicts a magical winery in Spain.  When you approach the winery the roof reflected in a pool looks like a row of casks. The photo captures it with an incredible mirror image effect.

Zsolt Hlinka presents the series ‘Urban Symmetry’ capturing buildings from the banks of the River Danube, taken out of their surroundings and put against a homogeneous graphic space.

“Darkitectures” is a series of images taken of the most significant Italian buildings from an artistic point of view, captured at night. The fluid memory of these pictures is a reminder that the stone is not in its lifeless state,, but is a continuation of the living form. The whole project is meant to be a work in progress.

For ‘Silver Beach Hotel’, the artist spent 4 days at the hotel in November 2016, off the shore of Lake Balaton in Hungary. She found herself there out of season while working as a set photographer for a film. The sinister looking building was constructed between 1978 and 1983. The hotel was designed by the brutalist architect Tillai ErnÅ‘. All the rooms were vacant, so she was able to creep around and explore the entire resort without resistance. The place has a retro feel to it and a somewhat hazy feel.

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