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Swimming pools are amazing constructs made to drain our souls of stress; a way to just relax and enjoy ourselves. But people and nature have really gone out of their way to make more and more impressive pools in beautiful surroundings. We’ve compiled a list of the most amazing swimming pools we believe everyone should at least hear about. Take a look.

San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool, Chile

San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool
1km of absolutely breathtaking water

So of the most amazing pools in the world, this entry claims to be the biggest. It holds about 250 million liters of water and is just over 1 kilometer long. The pool features huge floats for fun and a white sand beach of its own. It’s a beautiful pool where the water is pumped from the adjacent Pacific Ocean and is filtered and treated before filling in the pool. So it’s just a big pool? No. San Alfonso del Mar is a private resort that caters to anything and everything comfort so you might want to look into a stay there.

Cambrian Hotel Pool, Switzerland

Cambrian Hotel Pool
A stunning view of Switzerland

The initial picture in your head when you hear ‘amazing swimming pools’ may be a sunny atmosphere, heat, and the escape into the water. But the Cambrian Hotel Pool will shatter that image. In Adelboden, Switzerland, you’ll find a chilly atmosphere with an unbeatable view – snow covered mountains! – while you relax in the warmed waters of the Cambrian Hotel pool. A double-room  here will cost around $216, so rest assured, it’s not the most expensive escape.

Y-40, Hotel Terme Millepini, Italy

As deep as it gets!

The deepest pool in the world, Y-40 “The Deep Joy” pool is the main attraction at the Hotel Terme Millepini in Italy. It opened in 2014 and as the name suggests, there is a lot of fun to be had in the pool for divers and scuba enthusiasts, but the main feature is the well like shape that leads down to the bottom of the pool; a depth of 42.3 meters. It would appear that some of the most amazing swimming pools in the world are not just for swimming, nor for the faint of heart.

Floating Lake Pool, Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Italy

Floating Lake Pool
Swimming pool on the waters!

Have a lot of money to spend and a huge desire for luxury? You might want to take a dip in the Floating Lake Pool at Lake Como in Italy. This beautiful pool is part of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo attractions. Expect a view of the Belagio mountains and an impossible to explain feeling of serenity as you wade through the water. For $522 a night, you also get access to a great indoor infinity pool, 5 Jacuzzi and spa treatment. It’s only fitting that one of the world’s most amazing swimming pools should come with unbound luxury.

Hotel Caruso Infinity Pool, Italy

Hotel Caruso Infinity Pool
Look out over the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean. The name alone has painted a picture of luxury and comfort. Now imagine relaxing in a swimming pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, with a 180 degree view of the surrounding mountains and the sea below, and concierge service. That escape is possible at Hotel Caruso, Italy, but it’s a costly $1200 per night. You decide if it belongs in your bucket list.

Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Denizli Province, Turkey

Pamukkale Thermal Pools
Surprisingly not chilly!

So these pools are a little different. Yes, pools as in many many. The Pamukkale Thermal Pools in the Denizili Province of Turkey were formed from water deposits from nearby hot springs. White sedimentary rocks were formed from the mineralized waters and we ended up with these stunning pools. There are many here to choose from, but you really have to share with the number of people visiting. Take a trip in the winter for the best experience.

Giola, Lagoon Thassos Island, Greece

Turquoise piece of heaven

This natural rock pool is a beautiful piece that shows what an artist Mother Nature can be. In the region of Astris of Greece is Giola on Lagoon Thassos Island. The naturally formed pool’s water looks like a turquoise was embedded into the earth. One of the reasons it remains in such a beautiful state is the difficulty of reaching it. It’s a 2km walk off the main road to get there. Once there, expect 8 meter high cliffs to jump off of into the cool water. If you love a small adventure with an outstanding destination, you’ve just found your next trip. I know I have.

There are an endless number of amazing swimming pools in the world and it wasn’t easy to put them into such a small list. Of course, tons weren’t covered here, but these were definitely some worth everyone knowing about. Perhaps there are a few you believe should be public knowledge. Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below and sway our minds.

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