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“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness”.

As the world famous American architect Frank Owen Gehry, noted for designing world-renowned attractions ranging from titanium-clad museums to tall skyscrapers to Walt Disney halls mentioned, architecture indeed is an art with timeless beauty.

Be it the work of award-winning contemporary architect Rafiq Azam in specialized modern architectural creations inspired from lavish greenery and river landscapes of Bengal or the work of architect Marina Tabassum when designing Bait Ur Rouf Mosque, various architects of our country have shown immense dexterity when it comes to adaptability for various architectural changes. They made extensive efforts that would someday see the day of light, resulting in beautiful architectural designs. Struggling over the years and travelling across borders, these architects have envisioned, nurtured, brought forth their ideas, and gave them the face of reality.

When Ukranian pastry chef and former architect Dinara Kasko blended her architectural skills to create scrumptious delights or when Louis Isadore Kahn, an influential architect of the twentieth century built the Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban in our very own Dhaka city, they created symbols of architecture unparalleled to any other. Such is the beauty of architecture and the skill of developers, as they each create a beautiful piece of art with a meaning of its own!

Throughout the years, construction of properties has increased, accompanied by major changes in architectural designs. While decors may change, walls may be repainted and furniture may be renovated, such isn’t the case for structural changes. Thus, developers and architects are starting to realize it is of utmost importance to have clear and detailed plans while building. For example, Eastern Housing Limited has made structural designs to include platforms offering views of the city, overhangs offering protection from sun and rain and small ventilation for air-circulation. They have also designed a scope for greenery at ground levels to facilitate rain harvest at rooftops by keeping it cleared.

Recently clients themselves have started to research various design information, thanks to smartphones and Google, and then share their opinions and choices about the best design options with their architects. BTI Bangladesh Limited has taken this into consideration, providing clients with categories such as Premium, Classic, Standard and Commercial plans, with different designs and specifications according to clients’ needs. DOM-INNO has also specialized in developing exclusive apartment complexes for smaller families, taking into consideration the increasing demands for spacious apartments.

When it comes to looking for residences, people often prefer a simple design which provides calmness to the soul and lush greenery for the exterior aesthetics. However, when it comes to buildings such as art galleries, museums and even offices or organizations these days, they prefer more complex, intricate designs for their buildings to enjoy the admiration from every passer-by. With time, people are also becoming increasingly focused on sustainable architectural design options. Taking this into account could be the next challenge for developers and architects all across the globe, by ensuring the prioritization of designs that not only reduce energy costs but also reduce carbon footprints. Rafiq Azam created the architecture firm based in Dhaka “Shattoto”, which focuses on ‘architecture for green living’. This firm believes in bridging gaps between architectural values and current ongoing demands for responsible architecture, to create awareness in communities.

With technology making its way into architecture and architects imbibing new elements and the latest trends, the day we see rotating sci-fi skyscrapers, 3D-printed interiors or even invisible buildings isn’t very far.

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