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You can’t beat a twilight photo shoot to complement stylish interior photos, for your luxury listing. Photos at dusk can bring the most out of newly landscaped garden, and designer patios. The warm glow that is the hallmark of twilight photos, give it that welcoming feel. Buyers want to learn more, their interest having been piqued.


A professional should be present who is familiar with lighting both internally and externally, and also if there is a pool someone who knows its features. Get there early and get the lights turned on, including the landscape and pool lighting. Be ready to turn off any lighting at the behest of the photographer.

Pool and water features:

Be sure to clean the pool, turn the pool lighting on and any water features. Turning the water feature on could distort the dry hardscape look so make sure to plan accordingly.

Outdoor features:

If it’s possible, light any outdoor fireplaces or barbecue pits, this creates a nice warm glow.


Get rid of dead plants and weeds, and add some colorful flowering. Do not water flowers any less than a couple of hours before the photo-shoot, as damp driveways are not optimal for pictures. A professional landscaper gardener should be employed a day prior to the shoot.

Other tips:

Make sure that cars are hidden in the garage or on the street, cricket balls, yard brushes and anything else should be out of shot. Give the patio a thorough brush beforehand.

Preparation is key:

The time window is limited to get the perfect twilight photo so preparation is important. Everything should be ready to go as soon as the photographer arrives. Talk to him before the day to make a checklist of everything you need to have ready.

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