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Finding a buyer for your home is a long and arduous process which takes time. It usually requires around 10 weeks to sell your house, so we have compiled a timeline to help you out.

10 weeks left: Set your budget and apply for a mortgage

Go through your finances and work out to the penny how much you can afford to spend. Don’t forget all the extra costs involved, such as legal fees and surveyors as these can add up to be quite substantial. A mortgage adviser can be very helpful rather than applying directly to a lender.

9 weeks: Self-evaluation

We don’t mean wondering what you are doing with your life and having an existential crisis, we mean assessing how much your house can fetch and what the houses closeby are worth. You need to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer, to avoid biases. It can be helpful to enlist the help of friends and family for an impartial set of eyes.

8 weeks: Research and more research

You need to be constantly vigilant of the market. All through the day, you should be researching your competition and what price they are selling for. It might be an idea to set up notifications for new properties added in the area to property websites.

7 weeks: Valuation

A local estate agent can perform an appraisal for you. Knowing the exact value will allow you to get the best price. Create a shortlist of agents that deal with similar properties and invite them out for a coffee.

6 weeks: Preparation

At this time you should be thinking about small renovations or add-ons that will improve the desirability of your home. Paint and decorations can breathe new life into a room. Note that if you have made large changes you might consider getting another appraisal.

5 weeks: Choose an agent

Meeting various agents for the appraisal will have brought you closer to choosing an agent. There are two schools of thought; keep the agent who appraised your house, or because he may be biased, some argue that getting a different agent for the selling process is advisable.

4 weeks: Legal matters

Finding a lawyer to help you at this stage is almost unavoidable. An expert in law will be able to smooth the process for you and guide you away from any trapdoors.

3 weeks: Finishing touches

Think freshly baked bread and decluttering, the first impression of your home will be lasting. Curb appeal is also another important factor. When a person first walks to your house they will have made their mind up about it. It almost doesn’t matter how the interior is if the outside is a disappointment.

2 weeks: Smile

Taking a nice photo can add as much as 20% to the sale value and boost house viewings considerably.

1 week: Going live

Comparing your property to others online is a great way to gauge what you should strive for. Check out houses that have a lot of page views and see what they are doing right or wrong.

Congratulations: Your house is now listed!

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