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Every great party has one thing in common; people are engaged. A Halloween party has to have the exact same feature in order to be fun and memorable. After all, it only comes once a year and if you get it right the first time, your friends will always anticipate the next one! Arranging a great get together with friends requires house preparation but a Halloween party requires extra attention to set the mood right. Here are a few things you could try when arranging a Halloween party.


ribbons and items
The decor should be fun but frightening

One of the most attention grabbing things about a party will be how the place looks. If it looks like your house on any regular day, how is it any different from a regular party? You want to create a sense of dread or spookiness. In Dhaka, Halloween has picked up a lot of attention and many party shops now offer little trinkets you can use to create a great environment. Add dead branches to the outside of your house to welcome guests to your decrepit haunted house. Add giant spiders to the walls, fully-fit with false webs. Little dangling bats from the ceiling would add a great touch when arranging a Halloween party. Think creepy, look great.

Or add a personal touch; what stories of Jhins did you hear of as a child? Don’t be afraid to get a little arts’n’craftsy and put together a scary figure of your own. And if you have a pet, get them a little costume so you have an animate decoration running around the house. It’ll be unique and will definitely add a sense of surprise that is always fun.


not bright candle
Set fear in your guests with the right lighting…

Spooky is rarely a brightly lit room when arranging a Halloween party. Change up the lighting in the house a little. You might have to adapt the basics of interior design you have built up over the years. Use your understanding of lighting to really focus the attention of guests to creepy things you have set around the place. Replace your lights with color and toned lighting when arranging a Halloween party. Use black lights in a room full of white (keep in mind black light can be difficult to navigate in) to create an ethereal atmosphere. For us, there’s nothing scarier than interior design mistakes in the house. But we have to admit; even wrong lighting might help when creating scary ambiance. After all, perfect can sometimes take the scary out of a situation. What we can assuredly tell you, though, is to experiment with lighting!

Finger Food

finger hotdogs
Feeling a little ravenously hungry?

In a party like this, your plan shouldn’t be to set out a dinner table but rather to provide finger food that is easily accessible and hassle-free. But spice it up (not as in spicy food, but that can be scary as well). When arranging a Halloween party, bake cupcakes and decorate them as famous ghastly characters like Frankenstein’s monster! A little nostalgia goes a long way. Or maybe you’re the type to creep out friends and family? Cut up and shape hot-dogs to make them look like severed fingers. Find a few ways to gross out your guests at the snack table to test their mettle!


gummy worms
Creepy candy is definitely the way to go

Absolutely no excuse; candy is a must when arranging a Halloween party! We at Bproperty back this up a 100%. Because what is Halloween without candy? So let’s get into it. You can of course have the regular candy like Snickers and Mars (let us know in the comments section which you prefer). But there are more seasonal candies you can have out. Jelly ‘kidney’ beans are colorful and fun. And instead of gummy bears, go for gummy worms as they look so much creepier. Or experiment! Look around candy shops to see what you can get your hands on and what you can make out of them.

Sound Effects

audio cassette
Eerie sounds can completely change the feel of the party

A well decorated party will do wonders. Nice lighting sets the perfect ambiance for a spooky Halloween party. Creepy and vibrant snacks are a great engagement tool. But if you want a truly scary and involved party, throwing in sound is a great Halloween party idea. Fill the air with eerie sounds. And if you’re exceptionally crafty, you can even have triggered events like having your doors creak exaggeratedly whenever they’re swung open. Maybe even very creepy child laughter when someone is in the bathroom. Yes, it’s a little excessive, but go for the win!


A theme can be the catalyst for an amazing augmented party

So you have everything in order for a great party. You can go one step further and design everything according to a theme and even have the guests come dressed in costume according to that theme. This is a lot of work (for everyone) but it can create the most amazing spooky Halloween. Imagine an underwater theme where you have a sunken ship on your snack table, blue-green lighting in the home and your pet dog running around in a decaying-fish outfit. Your guests come as sweet mermaids or as Krakken itself!

We may sound a little too into this, but how can you not love all the home designing you can pull off during spooky Halloween? When arranging a Halloween party, do keep in mind the fear limits of your guests in case you plan on going all-out. We hope you have a great

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