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Art Deco or simply known as Deco was one of the most influential style movements of the 20th century. From buildings, furniture, jewelry to everyday objects such as radios and vacuum cleaners, this Art Deco influenced the design of everything at that time. Although its dominance ended with the beginning of World War II and the rise of strictly functional and modern architectural style, its enduring allure can be seen in many areas of design, architecture, and visual art to this day. It was glamorous and synonymous with luxury and exuberance. If you want to adorn your house with the flair of Art Deco style, there are some key elements to look for. Here is all you need to know about the Art Deco interior design style.

Art Deco style in interior design

Art deco living room
It features the opulence and luxury of exquisite craftsmanship

Every interior decoration style is influenced by different forms of art styles, design movements, and ideology. Art Deco interior design style is no different. This design is heavily influenced by bold geometric shapes, angular lines, linearity, and cubism; different types of design and art movement; the bright and bold colors of Fauvism and Ballets Russes; the unique style of Chinese, Japanese, Mayan, Ancient Egypt, Persian, and Indian art. This decor style featured intricate and exquisite craftsmanship, rare and luxury material such as ivory and ebony.

The history of Art Deco interior design style

Cozy living room
It originated in the early 20th century

This design style dates back to the year 1925. The French government arranged an international exhibition to showcase the “style moderne” of architecture, interior design, furniture, and other decorative arts from Europe and throughout the world. The exhibition was named Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes  and featured the experimental and unorthodox design style of architecture and visual arts for the first time. 15, 000 exhibitors participated in the exposition and were visited by 16 million people during its seven-month run. Every style of art that was exhibited in the exhibition later became known as Art Deco style after the name of the event.

The mantra behind Art Deco style

Art Deco style is great for creating a bold statement inside your home. This decoration style is very different from other interior design styles and features a lot of unique elements. Here are the key aspects of the Art Deco interior design.


The colors used in the Art Deco style are bold and shiny. Sometimes glittery golden borders or sometimes silver lace were used as decorative elements of Art Deco style. However, the colors used in this deco style were yellow, red, green, blue, and pink. These bright colors were prominent in designing the interior with this style. Neutral colors such as cream and beige were also used in the living room, dining room, and bedroom.


Art Deco furniture was large in scale and design-wise unorthodox and unique. The design was heavily inspired by different types of geometric forms, aerodynamic, and streamlined design. Big sideboards and cupboards were common in Art Deco style.


Along with velvet and leather, in Art Deco style, the use of shark skin and zebra skin was a predominant feature. Floral printed fabric and textile were not a part of the Art Deco style. Instead solid colors and textile with geometric patterns were dominant in the style.    


Wooden flooring in a herringbone or parquet pattern or simple shapes that create patterns such as sunburst is the elements of Art Deco style. Besides optical illusion designs with cube pattern or black and white checkered design in tile or linoleum adds to the style. Also, beautifully designed rugs in geometric patterns sync well with the design style and enhance the beauty.


Living room
Proper lighting can change the look and feel of a place

Lighting is a very important element of any decor style. Ensuring proper lighting throughout the home is one of the most effective ways to bring this style to life. In Art Deco style lighting fixtures are known for their geometric and symmetrical patterns. The level of detailing on these fixtures are amazing. 

How to decorate your home with Art Deco

You do not have to do much to bring Art Deco interior style into your home. Adding a few decorative elements such as animal print, geometric shapes, and lighting can bring the art deco vibe into your home.

Animal print

There are a couple of ways you can incorporate animal print in your interior design. One way to do that is to use animal print fabric on your sofa or cushion cover. Or you can use an animal print rug with a solid color sofa. These are some ideas for you to get started, but you can use the print as you see fit.


Chandeliers can be an amazing accessory of Art Deco style. You can highlight special areas of the house with fairy lights as well. Vintage-style furniture or wooden floor in warm light looks classic and opulent. But be careful, excessive use of warm light can make everything look pale.

Natural light

Ensure adequate lighting throughout the house. Keep the window open and use translucent and thin fabric so that light can pass through them easily. This will also affect the ventilation of the house.


The impact of mirrors in home decor is nothing like anything. Not only does a mirror make a room look bigger, it also brings elegance to the house. A properly placed mirror can do wonders to the interior of a room. Whether it is sunlight or artificial light, mirrors reflect the light back to the room making it brighter.

To recapitulate, Art Deco style celebrates the luxury and opulent style of decor without losing the modern touch. So if you want to decorate your house with the Art Deco interior design style, then incorporate these design elements into your home. Or you can simply call 09612110011 and take Bproperty’s interior design service. We have an amazing team of professionals with an excellent set of expertise in the field of interior design who can help you make your vision come true. Email us at- or visit –

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