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The vibrant city Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, which offers many localities with a great deal of culture for its residents. It stands today as one of the fastest growing megacities in the world with around 18 million people living in it. Not surprisingly, there is always an ever-changing race to be the “trendiest places to live in” in Dhaka and visitors comb through Bproperty to find the most desirable places and properties in the city.

In recent years, the popularity is shifting from Dhanmondi, a bustling sub-city to the south of Dhaka which encompasses the expat center of Banani-Gulshan, towards Uttara-Bashundhara;  a project district to the north of Dhaka. Banani is an upper-class locality with great comforts, access to the best restaurants, pubs, shopping malls, sports and recreation clubs.

So what truly makes Banani a top choice over its dominating neighbor Gulshan in recent months? Bproperty has the answer for you…

Living Standards

A major criteria whenever people search for a new location is the quality of life that the area could offer and here Banani is second to none. It has so much to offer towards its community in terms of facilities. Banani could be the best-suit in terms of living, dining, shopping, schooling, clubbing, transportation! Whether you are looking for a luxurious apartment, a cozy condo or commercial space, it has a complete list of modernized offerings, which can be viewed on Bproperty.

Affordability & Property Values

Every one of us is concerned about affordability when it comes to our daily life. It is no different when searching for a place to live. Banani offers the quiet and coziness of Gulshan at lower prices. While the property prices are higher than the average in Dhaka, the security, comfort, and convenience justify the price tag. The most important thing is, are you investing in the right property that will generate a sound future value? In this regard, you cannot go wrong with Banani.


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Top priority should be given to an area which comprises of expanded routes to the major parts of the city, and Banani is always admired for its convenient location. The international airport is less than 20 minutes drive; not considering peak traffic. You can easily access Banani via several routes having wide, high-quality roads. Without a doubt, Banani is fast becoming the residential- commercial center of the city and all roads lead to Banani.

Dining & Shopping

Nothing can be compared with the Banani Road 11 road, which comes alive and vibrant at night with its large number of famous dining and shopping options. Whether you are looking for an authentic Arabian restaurant like Attin or a new trendy coffee shop like Columbus Coffee in Road 11, there is everything for everyone.

Education Hub

Yes, you read it right, Banani can be titled as education hub also. You can either choose Bengali medium or English medium study options for your children from some of the best schools of the city such as Banani Biddaniketon, Banani Model School, and Australian International School among several other options in and around Banani. There are also two leading universities including the American International University of Bangladesh and Southeast University.

Apart from the aforesaid fascinating aspects of Banani, it is worth mentioning that it is a culturally diversified, children friendly, organized and engaging neighborhood of the Dhaka city to make your next home.

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