Traveling by train can be quite relaxing and convenient for many. There’s no need to worry about traffic jams, storms, or even a bathroom. So knowing Bangladesh’s train schedule is very useful. In fact, having a copy of the BD train schedule and timetable can be a lifesaver. Without a copy of the Bangladesh train schedule, a passenger can easily become lost and risk waiting hours for the right train to arrive.

To make sure that such an unfortunate event doesn’t happen to you, we have created an easy to follow timetable of Bangladesh’s train movement. With the handy schedule and the convenient downloadable map from railway.gov.bd you will never miss a train again.

Who knows, maybe this BD train schedule could also help other passengers who do not have one find their way. Bookmark this schedule and also send this to your friends who use trains regularly and they will be grateful for the favor. Having a Bangladesh railway map at your disposable will make traveling easier in the future. You can download both the Bangladesh Railway Map and the entire Bangladesh train schedule below.

You can also check out the Bangladesh railway schedule in Bengali here!

All Intercity Trains from Dhaka

Train No.

Name of Train


Starting Station Departure Time Arrival Station Arrival Time
702 Subarna Express Friday Dhaka 15:00 Chattogram 20:10
704 Mahanagar Provati No Dhaka 07:45 Chattogram 13:50
705 Ekota Express Tuesday Dhaka 10:00 Dinajpur 18:50
707 Tista Express Monday Dhaka 07:30 Dewangong 12:40
709 Parabat Express Tuesday Dhaka 06:35 Sylhet 13:20
712 Upokol Express Wednesday Dhaka 15:20 Noakhali 21:20
717 Joyantika Express No Dhaka 12:00 Sylhet 19:40
722 Mohanagar Express Sunday Dhaka 21:00 Chattogram 04:30
735 Agnibina Express No Dhaka 09:45 Tarakandi 15:00
737 Egarosindhur Provati Wednesday Dhaka 07:15 Kisoregonj 11:05
739 Upaban Express Wednesday Dhaka 21:50 Sylhet 05:20
742 Turna Express No Dhaka 23:30 Chattogram 05:25
743 Brahmaputra Express No Dhaka 18:00 Dewangong 23:50
745 Jamuna Express No Dhaka 16:40 Tarakandi 22:30
749 Egarosindhur Goduli No Dhaka 18:30 Kisoregonj 22:35
751 Lalmoni Express Friday Dhaka 22:10 Lalmonirhat 08:20
757 Drutojan Express No Dhaka 20:00 Dinajpur 04:40
771 Rangpur Express Sunday Dhaka 09:00 Rangpur 19:00
777 Haor Express Wednesday Dhaka 23:50 Mohangonj 05:40
773 Kalani Express Friday Dhaka 16:00 Sylhet 22:45
781 Kishorgonj Express Friday Dhaka 10:35 Kishorgonj 14:20
788 Sonar Bangla Express Wednesday Dhaka 07:00 Chattogram 12:20
789 Mohangonj Express Monday Dhaka 14:20 Mohangonj 20:10
726 Sundarban Express Wednesday Dhaka 06:20 Khulna 15:40
753 Silk City Express Sunday Dhaka 14:40 Rajshahi 20:45
759 Padma Express Tuesday Dhaka 23:10 Rajshahi 04:40
764 Chitra Express Monday Dhaka 19:00 Khulna 03:50
765 Nilsagar Monday Dhaka 08:00 Chilahati 17:45
769 Dhumketue Express Sunday Dhaka 06:00 Rajshahi 11:40
776 Sirajgonj Express Saturday Dhaka 17:00 Sirajgonj 21:25
791 Banalata Express Friday Dhaka 13:15 Rajshahi 18:00
35 Moitree Express* Mon, Tues, & Thurs Dhaka Cantt. 08:15 (BST) Kolkata 16:00 (IST)

* The Moitree Express travels along  an international route

Download the Bangladesh railway map and the entire railway route schedule from below. Hope you have a safe and joyful journey!


Download Bangladesh Railway Map PDF

Download Bangladesh Train Schedule PDF


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