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Bangladesh is split almost 50-50 on the question of whether to rent a property or buy it outright, according to new research from Lamudi.

An analysis of searches on our online platform reveals that (52% of people prefer to buy property, while about 48% are renters. According to the research, the majority of couples search for property together, with females making the final decision into which property to buy or rent.

Further analysis revealed that the age range of those preferring to rent spreads from 25-45-year-olds, with buyers ranging from 35-60 years old.

The capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka is one of the fastest-growing urban centers in South Asia, and the most popular region for both buying and selling property. Our research showed that 99% of renters and 85% of buyers are looking for property in the country’s commercial heart.

Renowned property expert David Zwagemaker, commented, “With the urban population of Bangladesh growing at such a rapid rate, there is a great demand for property, both rented and purchased. Thanks to increasing economic empowerment, our customers of all ages are looking to invest in property but as the research shows, many wish to keep their options open by first renting.”

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