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Architecture has moved through civilizations, reflecting society’s traditions and culture and showcasing the stylistic trends of the period. Buildings luckily stand the test of time where clothes and accessories will have long since perished. Is it Modernism, Postmodernism, Baroque or Bauhaus? Let’s see if you have a good grasp on the classic architectural movements from the past 1,000 years.


Tip: When you don’t have much money vs the scariest of all architecture.


Hint: An art school in Germany vs the opposite of old-fashioned.


Hint: Walk like a… vs named after Kievan Rus.


Hint: Well behaved, very polite vs a Venetian architect heavily influenced by Ancient Greek and Roman architecture.


Hint: A ‘classic’ character in the matrix vs also known as high-tech architecture.


Hint: A rebirth vs Postman Pat with his modern day cat.


Hint: A Queen vs a to show

1,000 Year Architectural Timeline

The moment you have been waiting for…

  1. Baroque on top of Gothic, 2. Bauhaus vs Modernism, 3. Egyptian v Medieval Rus, 4. Mannerism v Palladianism, 5. Neoclassical v Structural Expressionism, 6. Renaissance v Postmodernism, 7. Victorian v Tudor

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