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It was not that many years ago when we used to see ‘Bashundhara R/A commercials’ in between TV shows. They created one of the most catchy jingles ‘Cholo na Bashundharay jaai (Let’s go to Bashundhara)’ back in the days. It was that time when Bashundhara residential area just started their journey. Now if we look at them, undoubtedly they created a successful marketing campaign as we see them turning into a complete neighborhood. Almost all the modern day facilities are available in this area. Also, as it is a separate neighborhood, it has its own unique lifestyle. Let’s look into details what makes Bashundhara a suitable place to live in.

Area Access And Commutes

Bashundhara is just opposite to Baridhara and a few minutes drive from Gulshan 2 area. For Dhaka dwellers, we have to access Bashundhara by the Kuril Bisshow Road. However, there is a 300 ft high way just beside the neighborhood (which goes by the name ‘300 ft’ itself) is for the people who live outside Dhaka. Though the area is a bit far from the current commercial hubs like Motijheel and Gulshan, people still find it suitable due to the peace, serenity, and security of the area.

Road view from Bashundhara R/A
Street view from Block C, Bashundhara R/A

Also, being right beside the main road, there are ample public transports, easily accessible from the Bashundhara residential area main gate. If you want such a commute friendly apartment, take a look at some of the A block apartments. Moreover, if you move in here, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting rickshaw just in time as they have their own dedicated rickshaw service just like we see in Banani or Gulshan nowadays. 

The Unique Lifestyle of Bashundhara Residential Area

Bashundhara is a huge area and it is still developing. However, most of the popular blocks have already been filled with residential apartment buildings. There are few commercial ones beside the entrance main road but not too many to spoil the neighborhood.

Street view from Bashundhara R/A
Street view from GP house road

Bashundhara group planned to develop this area in a way that it provides a sense of a complete city. Hence, almost all the everyday necessities are built within one’s reach. The first thing that would catch any eye is the largest shopping mall in Bangladesh, Jamuna Future Park. It aims to provide a 360 solution for shopping and entertainment. Besides, they have a dedicated super shop as well, Mehedi Mart. On the other hand, people know Bashundhara for its popular food joints serving several local and exotic food dishes. Therefore, residents hardly need to go outside the area just because their needs aren’t met.

On the other hand, Bashundhara lifestyle is one of the secured areas in the city as they have their own security force patrolling, monitoring and tracking traffic 24/7. Therefore, you don’t need to worry much about your security as they are already taking care of it for you.

Landmarks, Educational Institutions and Hospitals

There are several notable landmarks in this area like the one mentioned earlier, Jamuna Future Park. Besides that, Bashundhara has institutions like North South University, Independent University, International School of Dhaka (ISD), Hurdco Int. School etc. which are sufficient enough to meet the neighborhood requirement. Also, it has one of the Dhaka’s finest medical care, Apollo Hospital. All the modern day treatments and medicines are available there. Hence, you wouldn’t need to worry about emergencies and getting proper medical care.

Being a large neighborhood, Bashundhara offers several types of apartments suitable for both nuclear and joint families. That’s why mid-sized apartments are the best sellers in this area. If you a are thinking of buying one of these, consider Bashundhara, your next apartment could be here!

As you can see, Bashundhara not only provides a sense of security and comfort, it offers you a whole new lifestyle. If you like to live with peace of mind and away from chaos, Bashundhara is the right place for you. There are several property options to choose from, pick yours today!


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