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“I do not want to spend after remodeling the bathroom since my pocket already got wiped out for the bedroom!” There are these people who tend to pay a fortune for upgrading their bathrooms thinking the investment is not worth it. However, many of us ignore the need of bathroom renovations while living in the apartment while we should not. Instead, the bathroom needs attention spotlight too alongside bedroom outlays; it only requires some skills, patience and knowledge.

Moreover, you need to be very cautious – there are some periodical and common mistakes people make in the households of our country. Although it seems less intimidating than other house renovations; there are a few sections that require utmost fostering. Here, today we would like to share a set of common mistakes incurred during bathroom upgrading by rookies or homeowners.

Mistake 1: improper spacing

Picture of a bathtub in a congested spacing
Don’t install luxurious fixtures just for the sake of having it!

Lack of spatial concern in the upgrading planning phase might lead to problems down the road. Always keep in mind, just because you can accommodate a particular fixture in the bathroom; it is not mandatory to install even you got the space. Since one of the crucial things often slip our head that bathroom should have plenty of space to function around. Not only that, proper spacing includes keeping the bathroom elements close enough together to control. For instance, the toilet paper holder should be within a child’s arm’s reach and other fixtures should be easily accessible. On the other hand, you just can’t stuff additional luxurious fixtures in your bathroom if the size is not complementing them.

Mistake 2: GOING CHEAP ON elements

Picture of a silver tap
Let’s be more flexible with the pocket and buy better materials

Since the bathroom fittings need deep cleansing, homeowners tend to use robust chemical cleaning products on surfaces. Meanwhile, the fixtures need more attention as the use of wrong cleaning products might lead to significant damage if right materials are not selected. Thereafter, don’t go cheap on the elements you are choosing; rather invest more in quality products for not only it adds to the beauty but as well as hefty durability. Furthermore, the materials have to stand up to harsh cleaners which are not highly vulnerable to mold, deformation or buckling. Avoid leaky materials that will retain moisture allow hidden molds to soar.

Mistake 3: Ignoring storage space

A luxurious washroom having separate shower and storage underneath the basin
Your belongings need some good care and space too!

You might concentrate on the look and brand of tubs, shower, taps, floors, wall paint when deciding on upgrading. Have you thought for a while that, a pile of towels/ clothes can quickly overshadow your basin corner or the towel hanger? The majority of your investment is covering all the fixtures, but what about the shelves? Subsequently, you need to place many essentials in the bathroom, from toiletries to towels and cleaners. Look for ways and evaluate if it is possible to embed a shelf or storage space. This might be serving the purpose of inventory but it also adds beauty and elegance to your bathroom.

Additional Tip: You just can’t roughly install a storage space. Naturally, it would need some small ornamentation. If you already have an apartment in Banani, or any adjacent area, why don’t you take some suggestions from your nearest home decor showrooms?

Mistake 4: Forgetting about ventilation

A nicely decorated washroom with proper ventilation
Be kind to your washroom as it needs to breath as well!

Some of the owners prefer to block the ventilation for the sake of preserving the inside look of the bathroom but unaware of the significance of having it. Ignoring to work in enough ventilation can cause molds, moisture and costly problems in the future. Apparently, it is very likely to experience discomfort without any ventilation during or after a shower. A properly placed window can go a long way, though during cold winter it would not be much of a help. Moreover, installing a good quality ventilation fan should be measured based on the size of the bathroom.

Mistake 5: Forgetting about light

A washroom picture showing plenty of lights on top
Don’t miss out the suitable lights as it can change the whole look

People living in our community often go easy with the light selections for bathrooms. One, dime overhead light is not sufficient. Not only this makes your bathroom look like a dark cave, it is more prone to cause accidents to you or your guests. Additionally, you can’t do simple daily activities for the light shortfall such as doing makeup or shaving. So, while you are upgrading your bathroom, plan where the lights will go first.

We are not saying this is very easy, but avoiding these mentioned mistakes is manageable through some comprehensive homework. You might be thinking “it is so time-consuming”, why not think of it an investment too? For this investment would certainly add to the completion of a flawless decoration for your apartment. The more effectively you can plan your bathroom upgrades, the greater satisfaction you will avail in the long run.




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