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Amongst all the cities in Bangladesh, Chattogram , the second largest city in Bangladesh, is the one that will really take your breath away thanks to its incredible natural scenery. Your eyes will be delighted with a variety of cultural landmarks, mixed with historical architecture, as well as a very famous beach. Located 260 km away from Dhaka, Chattogram is famous for its hilly landscape, its natural beauty and of course the seashore. A perfect blend of a busy seaport and the tranquility of charming small towns would be the best way to describe Chattogram .

Nobody can deny the magnificence of Sita Kundu, famous for the Chandranath temple and its Buddhist temples. Regarded as most sacred by the Buddhist and the Hindus, it has a footprint of the Buddha. Many tourists complete a pilgrimage to this site, since catching a glimpse of it is a truly marvelous sight. Comprising other famous shrines, it is no wonder why tourism is a fast-growing sector in Chattogram . The place provides the perfect escape for anyone seeking a spiritual revival.

For those who love the seaside, Chattogram boasts the glorious Patenga and Fouzdarhat beach, which is another mesmerizing view. The beauty of this 22 kilometer-long beach is legendary and undoubtedly a major attraction for both local and overseas visitors, owing to the spectacular nearby picnic spot and the possibility to rent a boat or take a river cruise on the River Karnaphuli. The panoramic view will leave a strong impression on you – it is a landscape you are sure not to forget!

The Foy’s Lake is a majestic nine kilometer-long lake, surrounded by beautiful hills. Visitors can immerse themselves in a serene atmosphere on a boat, enjoying crystal clear water and wooded hills. These high hills are eligible for the natural world heritage list – their beauty is unmatched across South Asia.

Batali Hill, its splendid mountain scenery and the stunning fragrance of the lush forest, is a backpacker’s favorite. This spot is perfect for hikers, photographers, and all nature lovers.

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