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The bedroom is not just for us to sleep in. It holds a lot more value to us. For most of us, the bedroom is like our own personal oasis. An escape from the hassles of life. We make it into our own small corner of happiness. Which is why we take time before making decisions regarding the bedroom, be it buying furniture, or bedroom decor. We all know what furniture is needed in bedrooms. After all, before going furniture shopping for our bedroom, we do proper research. And when it comes to bedroom furniture, the cupboard is the first thing that comes to mind. But there is another piece of furniture that raises a lot of questions. What could it be?

It’s the bedroom cabinet! That’s right. There are a lot of questions regarding bedroom cabinets. Some say it is an essential part of the bedroom, others say it’s unnecessary. Most of us already know the pros and cons of the bedroom cabinet. Let’s make a list of features, reading which will help you decide if bedroom cabinets are the right piece of furniture for your bedroom.

First we will talk about the advantages. After that, we’ll tackle disadvantages.


Saves Space

বিল্ট-ইন আলমারি

The biggest advantage when using cabinets is the extra space that you get in your bedroom. Now you might wonder how that happens. Cupboards generally take up a lot of space in a room, no? Cabinets must be the same. In fact, I used to think of cupboards when someone said cabinet. But there’s a difference. A cabinet is placed on a recessed space in your wall, meaning that it does not protrude outside of the wall and encroach on floor space. Cabinets can have doors that swing outwards, or sliding doors. Being inside the walls, cabinets are unobtrusive, and create a lot of space in your bedroom. You can put something else in this extra space. It also helps to make your room feel more airy. Furthermore, bedroom cabinets add a touch of class to your bedroom. 

Customization Options


Cabinets have another huge advantage over other pieces of furniture; how seamlessly it can blend with your room. As a result, you can customize cabinets according to the space available in your room. This allows you to plan the bedroom cabinet size and placement beforehand. This ensures that no money is wasted on mistakes in the estimation of space needed, since you know the dimensions required beforehand.

A Touch of Class

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Cabinets are a sign of class, and good taste. Some people instantly think of a room that has cabinets when talking about stylish rooms. However, a lot of people still have misconceptions about cabinets. People are as scared of making cabinets as they are fond of buying cupboards.  This offers a unique opportunity for people who choose cabinets to stand out from the crowd. And that makes a bedroom cabinet that much more fascinating. 


Lack of Mobility

লিভিং রুম কেবিনেট

The biggest problem cabinets have is its lack of mobility. Once a cabinet is built into a wall, it stays there. You can never move it from its place into another room. And if you are renting a home, cabinets offer more of a disadvantage. Only when it is your own home can you build a cabinet fitting your needs and requirements to last. Since you can’t move it whenever you need to, bedroom cabinets can be a hassle, unless you are living in your own home.


Unlike other furniture, cleaning and maintaining cabinets can be difficult. Since most of the cabinet is wedged inside a wall, it is difficult to perform regular cleaning. It also results in a lot of time taken for cleaning. Most cabinets are similar, with notches, or with patterns similar to cupboards. Regardless of design, it is very difficult, and time consuming, to clean the insides of the cabinets.

We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of bedroom cabinets. Now, you will be able to decide for yourself if the bedroom cabinet is the right fit for your bedroom. Do let us know what you think of the article in the comments below.

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