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Buying a house is tiring and exceptionally difficult. Selling your own house is just as difficult. So many concerns and thoughts enter the mind when you decide to sell your place. And if you don’t prepare properly, you’ll start to think to yourself ‘Should I really sell the place?’ these thoughts of doubt take up time as good buyers slip out of your grasp. So let’s take a look at some of the things to consider before selling your house.

Is the price you set correct?

As the owner … you really have to be the one to set the price…


It’s very important to know the lower limit of your price before entering the market to avoid multiple issues between seller and buyer. The owner will never want to sell at an extremely low price while the buyer will always think the price for the house is too high. So how do you overcome this?

It’s fairly simple. As the owner and the one to first mention a price, you really have to be the one to set the price so start doing some calculations. What are the prices like in similar areas around you? How much are people spending here willing to pay? If you can figure these out, it becomes easier to set a price. Along with this information, keep in mind how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have, utilities in place and other amenities available for the house and you can put together a number fitting of your house. The problem is, finding accurate information can be quite difficult… Unless you use Bproperty’s services. Our well-informed property experts will tell you the best price before selling your house and also provide every and all other advice leading to the best sale for you.

Do you have the legal standing to sell?

as long as you still have a payment to complete, you cannot sell the property…


So you’ve got the price set for your place but legal issues can still creep up and ruin your sales experience. The most common issue to arise is one of loan payment completion. If you have no outstanding loan on the property, then great, no worries. But most people purchase property by making a down payment and paying the remaining amount over longs periods of time. Legally, as long as you still have a payment to complete, you cannot sell the property. So be clear on this before selling your house. You may not have known this bit, but at least you knew about the huge loan you took out. If you are still thinking about selling while having an outstanding loan active, you’re making a he mistake. And if you have any other legal issues, feel free to turn to Bproperty to have them all solved.

How much time do you have to make the sale?

You can’t sell a house on demand!


If you’re confident that you’re going to sell your house, have yourself a set time to get it sold by. If you find that you’re losing track of time, you’ve probably not tried hard enough. This can cause a problem later. Say for example you’re going to be leaving the country. When time becomes incredibly short and close to departure, you’ll end up having to sell at whatever price the last person offers to get any money at all. Also, if buyers figure out you don’t have the time, they will offer lower amounts. And if you leave before completing the sale, you’ll have to spend more on maintaining the empty premise.

So before all these problems arise, decide when and how long it might take you to sell the house. You can again look into the houses and neighborhoods around yours to have something to compare against. Or you can just let Bproperty handle it. With tons of experience with properties in various locations, we can give you an educated estimate on how long it might take to complete a transaction of your house.

How do you want to sell the house?

The concept of a real estate marketplace is still new in a country like ours…


You can always try to sell your property yourself. Before selling your house, just let everyone you know know that you are selling a place and to keep an eye and ear out for anyone who might be looking to buy a place like yours. Also have a sign in front of your place saying ‘House for Sale’. Some people incorporate the use of dalals (brokers) to get their house sold. This can cause more harm than good. Some of them charge just for an introduction between buyer and seller without regards to whether a sale might come of it. They should at least bridge the gap that is present between two people meeting for the first time let alone discussing the transaction of an entire house!

The alternative is that you take the help of a professional like Bproperty. The concept of a real estate marketplace or actual advisors is still new in a country like ours, but it’s really popular across the rest of the world. And being part of a multinational company, Bproperty has expertise in dealing with property all over the world, so you can rest assured your property is in good hands. Finding good buyers, showing them your place, taking care of legal documentation and advising you on it, setting a good price for your house, and everything else involved in making the best sale is what Bproperty is focused on.

Bproperty is your 360 degree solutions providers. Whatever your real estate need, we can help. And when it’s about selling your place, we are your answer. Whenever you need to, drop by your closest Bproperty Marketplace. So before selling your house, keep these things in mind and your experience and outcome will be much better.

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