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People in Dhaka love the bigger homes. Bproperty recently did a study and found that the majority of real estate demand in Dhaka is now in the 1500 square feet range. But even so, lots of people want smaller places for various reasons. And some go as far as to look for studio apartments. So what are the reasons or benefits of a studio apartment that so many people would choose it?

Easy to maintain

Organized homes are the only homes worth living in

The best thing about a smaller apartment is the lack of space to mess things up. Whether you live alone or with others, things tend to just go haywire after a couple of weeks. You find you have to do a lot of cleaning up and reorganizing no matter how much you try to keep things running smoothly. With a studio apartment, however, things are a lot easier. There is much less space, so much fewer things, to mess up with.

Easy to decorate

Decoration becomes a lot easier

Large homes can be nice if well planned out. But many people get ahead of themselves. Designing the interior and decorating can be quite stressful things. It can also be very expensive. But the benefits of a studio apartment extend to cover this aspect. You get to spend less and be more specific with your design elements. The lack of space also requires you to be more innovative. This in turn leads to unique designs you can be proud of.


Have everything you need and still save

One of the biggest benefits of a studio apartment is all the money you comparatively save. The smaller space means you’re paying less; it’s as simple as that. If you’re very good with design, the smaller space is a blessing. Then you’ll realize with less space, you also have to decorate less. Even more money saved! The benefits of a studio apartment are that you get to live in a comfy space, while spending less on a fixed overhead and spending more on the luxuries that suite you.


Realize the meaning of value

If you’ve designed the place in a fluid manner, you get the opportunity for something larger home owners don’t. You get the privilege of seeing everything you own at a glance. Some of you might be wondering how this is a benefit in any way. For one, you almost always know when you need something new. Another thing is that the moment things feel cluttered, you will be forced to take action. But most importantly, it keeps you down-to-earth and specific. It’s not about having fewer things in the smaller space. It’s more that with the limited space, you will only get the things that you find valuable and you learn to cherish them even more so.

The benefits of a studio apartment are the type to shape you as a character better. We understand that sounds a little far-fetched, and it maybe is. But once you get yourself a studio apartment and spend a few months there, you will begin to see it. And if you are thinking about getting one, feel free to browse You just might prefer the lifestyle.

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